RBXsite.com | Hourly Giveaways, Robux & Promocodes [2023]


Is RBXsite.com safe? Here we are to give you complete information about this platform in detail. Keep your patience and go through this article. This is considered a third-party website to get Robux by completing offers and surveys.

Many users are still searching for a way to gain it and are still trying to figure out how to gain it and how to use it. Before going into detail about this website, let us discuss Robux and how it is used. It is an in-game reward that can enhance the gaming experience by not spending a single penny. This site is not the only site that claims to provide free Robux, but there are other ways we can claim it for free. 


Importance of Robux

In the virtual gaming world, players want to play many games, and this website allows them to collect points and explore various games online. It pours on the user’s different genres and titles. 

This point gives the users the best gaming experience with good visibility and many features with enough of these points. There is other importance of it which have been mentioned below:

  • It is an in-game token that provides added features to your online gaming experience.
  • You can collect Robux by completing a survey and downloading apps
  • The website provides gamers with a worthwhile gaming experience.
  • Can be accessed by all operating system
  • Users do not have to go through a tedious procedure to win it. 
  • In-store purchase 

What is RBXsite.com?

As we have discussed in the introduction of this article, a third party swears to provide Robux. To win it, the users have to complete a survey and download certain apps that pop up on the screen.

Those who want to win it have to go into their site, which will ask for login and other user details, and complete the tasks and surveys that one has to complete in a given period. After the completion of given tasks, points will be rewarded accordingly. When users get enough points, they will receive a code that can be used to get free Robux. 


How to get Robux from this site? 

Here are the steps through which one can get Robux

  • Users have to log into the website of RBXsite.com with the username and password
  • Select the device from which they are accessing the website, like Android, iOs, PC laptop
  • On the website, there will be a list containing the number of tasks they need to complete to gain those rewards 
  • Users can purchase it from the browser with the help of mobile or Xbox one apps.
  • Those who have a membership get rewarded with a stipend
  • Users need to download apps that pop up on the screen when they open the website with the user account
  • Play multiple games and getting rewards is one of the funniest and easiest ways to collect it
  • Watching videos and video ads that show up on the website page from begging to end can make you collect it.

Other ways:

  • Take hourly surveys and giveaways
  • Answering daily questions
  • Finding coupon online
  • Referring it to a friend 

What are the drawbacks of this website?

  • This is not an authenticated app and asks users to answer a survey
  • It asks for personal information from the users 
  • This website has been prohibited in many regions, which raises much suspiciousness about it. 

Is this website safe? 

According to our survey and research, we have witnessed that RBXsite.com gives users free Robux, so it has gathered tremendous hype among Roblox players and created a fashion in the community worldwide. 


Smart players usually prefer to avoid getting into the lengthy process of doing tasks and winning rewards; instead, they refer to social media influencers who provide codes for free. 

Though it is an exciting way to win rewards and enhance one’s gaming experience, it is also true that it is not at all legal and violates many privacy and data protection policies. The developers have not kept high-security standards to keep the users safe.


Users can still get it for free if they take certain precautions to combat the problems it comes with.

What is the user’s review? 

As per our experience, it is difficult to find user reviews on RBXsite.com as it is incompatible with many devices. From different sources, we have gathered information that it also lags the device. There is no such authenticated website on which we can rely.


However, from different sources, we noted a few days ago that this website does not function properly and causes many scams, which can also get the user in trouble.

Although this website has been protected with an SSL certificate, many look-a-like websites need clarification among users to justify which one is the real one. 


However, this platform has the easiest way of winning in-game rewards. 


Hence, RBXsite.com is free and provides Robux for Android and iPhone users who can generate these rewards from their websites. An SSL certificate protects this website. However, one must answer daily polls and play games to win them. Anyone can claim it, and older users can win adequate rewards from time to time. This website works as a rewards generator which is fast and easy. 


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