Is Biiba Legit | 100+ Customer Reviews [2024]


Let’s read about whether it is biiba legit or not in this article. It is a website that sells clothing for women only. They try to bring the most fashionable clothes for women on the website. This platform wants to get trendy clothing to your doorstep.

You will further read about this website, its specifications, advantages and disadvantages in this article.


What is biiba?

Biiba is an online platform trying to produce and sell women’s fashionable clothing. They are trying to make different clothes like jeans, tops, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, suits and sarees. There are different types of categories under these clothes, too, like there are different types of jeans: high-waist jeans, mid-waist jeans, lower-waist jeans, skin-fit and wide-length jeans. Similarly, all have different types under them, which this platform is trying to produce and sell.

They have an offline store too. They are trying to reach women as much as possible. They try to sell women’s clothing on both online and offline platforms. All types of sizes are provided on this website with reasonable prices for women. This platform only sells women’s clothing. They are trying to keep up with today’s trends in women’s clothing. 


Many consumers wonder whether that is biiba legit as it is not a renowned website or store. This doubt will be cleared further in this article when consumers read about other customers’ reviews of this website and its legitimacy. 

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  • Contact – (+91) 81401 80662
  • Address – Biiba Store, Aagam Vivianna, Opposite Phoenix Tower, Near Rajhans Cinema Vesu Surat Gujarat 395007 INDIA
  • Email –
  • Shipping policy – they provide free shipping for all domestic products. It takes 1-2 days to get the order dispatched and 5 to 7 days to reach the customer. 
  • Return policy – this website has a 30-day return policy. This means you can request a return within 30 days after you have received the product.
  • Payment mode – cash on delivery and online payment are both accepted.


  • They only deal in women’s clothing. That means they would have a variety of clothes to offer.
  • Sell the products at reasonable prices.
  • Provide free shipping for all domestic products. 
  • Occasional discounts on their products.
  • They are available for you 24/7 to solve your queries. 


  • The quality of the clothes is not worth their price. 
  • Suspicious activities are going on on this website. 

Is biiba legit or not?

This website,, has something suspicious going on. Customer reviews are proof of whether the website is legit or not. The reviews of this website are full of suspicions. The website quality needs to be better. Their customer service could be better. They even provide the wrong product to the customers. 

All these show only the factor that the site is not trustworthy and is not legit. It’s not worth buying anything from this website because of the abovementioned things. This website is a total scam, so it’s better not to avoid buying anything from this website or store. 


What are customer reviews about biiba?

Customer reviews are essential for any website to know the user likes or dislikes and for other consumers to decide whether they want to buy a product from a particular website.

The customer’s reviews on biiba were that the customer service was terrible. They didn’t respond to customers’ emails. Also, after sending the wrong product, they still need to provide a refund to the customers. They do not have a reverse courier option. The customer has to pay for the shipping if the product is returned. 


Is biiba legit? This doubt must have been cleared of many readers’ minds. The reviews themselves are enough to prove that the website is a total scam.


In this article, it has been confirmed that the website is not legit. The products are not worth buying. Even customer service could be more responsible. The quality is the worst of the products. They do not ship the exact order to the customers. To save your money from being wasted. Do read this article before buying anything from this website or store.


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