Is Prime Opinion Legit? Various user responses, features?


Getting paid for sharing opinions is exciting. But is Prime Opinion legit? This article will help clear all user doubts about the website. It will contain general information about the website, such as its services, characteristics, specifications, pros and cons, and genuine customer reviews. 

Prime Opinion is a website or app that allows people to make rewards by providing their opinions in a survey. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem your rewards. This is usually done by selecting a reward from a list, such as a reward, a gift card, or a charity donation, and then confirming your choice. The reward will then be sent to you, usually within a few days.



It is a product of Prime Insights Group LLC, a reputable market research company. The website has been a beneficial tool for people like students or people who want to collect an extra income. It is a fantastic website that empowers its users by providing them with the best surveys, which not only helps them get rewards but also makes them experience fun and exciting. 

The website offers a variety of rewards. Users can redeem their points for cash, credit cards, charity donations, or gift cards. Instead of spending on advertisements, this platform focuses on giving users as much as possible. Due to these reasons, the website is home to one of the highest survey payouts in the industry. 


However, users always have concerns about the website’s authenticity and claims. Is Prime Opinion legit? This is one of the significant doubts people have regarding this platform and other survey websites. 

Types of surveys available on the website

  • Survey for cash: This kind of survey allows users to get rewards in their free time by answering all the questions in the survey. For instance, you might be asked about your shopping habits or your opinion on a new product. It helps businesses conduct customer research and help users collect benefits by acting as a link between companies and users.
  • Survey for gift cards: Through these surveys, users can access vouchers, which help them buy their dream expensive products at lower prices. 
  • Prime Opinion always has a paid survey option for redeeming Amazon Gift cards, PayPal gift cards, and Visa Gift cards.


  • Purpose: To provide an opportunity for the users to get extra benefits or gift cards as rewards.
  • Email: Email is yet to be provided on the website.
  • Contact Number: Contact numbers are yet to be provided on the website.
  • Address: Prime Insights Group LLC, 8 The Green Ste R, Dover, DE 19902, United States.
  • Website Origin Date: 12-02-2018
  • The expiration date of the website: 12-02-2025
  • Last Updated on: 30-01-2024


  • It provides a unique, exciting, fun experience and a chance to collect quick rewards. 
  • The website aims to provide users with quality online survey panels. This is achieved through a rigorous screening process, where only the most reputable companies and organizations are allowed to post surveys. Additionally, it regularly reviews the surveys on its platform to ensure they are engaging, relevant, and fair. One of the main benefits is that the website focuses on providing better rewards to its users than paying for website advertisements.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and numerous alternative surveys to choose from. The website is designed to be easy to navigate, with clear instructions and intuitive features. There are also a wide variety of surveys available, so you’re sure to find something that interests you.


  • Even though the website talks about giving importance to feedback, it does not provide any provisions like email addresses and contact numbers to do the same. 
  • In the meantime, users can reach out to the company through its social media channels or by using the website’s contact form.
  • Proper customer service is doubtful as the website needs to provide ways to contact the survey providers’ central working staff.

What are the facts and user responses about the website?


  • Prime Opinion is one of the best survey websites as it provides easy and quick cashout options”- a happy user’s comment.
  • The website provides more surveys than other survey providers.
  • Customers are generally happy with this platform because it allows them to roll out the rewards at minimum levels, i.e., the customers can also take out the rewards at the $10 level.
  • One of the reviewers commented that the surveys provided by this website are of better quality than those provided by other survey providers. 


  • A frustrated customer commented, “This survey website is frustrating and energy-draining.” She answered ten surveys, but she was rewarded for only one; she was screened out from the rest. It’s important to note that this is a common practice in the survey industry, as companies are often looking for specific types of respondents. 
  • However, it does its best to minimize the number of times this happens to its users. Irritated with the website, a user commented, “She is tired of completing the survey and the website crashing at the end.”

Is Prime Opinion Legit?

After assessing the website and the customer reviews, it is clear that it is not just another survey website. It is a platform that values its users and aims to empower them, not take advantage of them. They focus on providing A-grade surveys with numerous options to redeem the reward, making the user’s experience their top priority. 


However, like every other website, this website also has its downsides, such as not offering contact details, which results in no direct contact with the users. However, if we ignore this fact, the website is transparent about its operations and rewards, making it suitable for making some profits or charitable donations. This transparency should instil confidence in the audience about the website’s legitimacy. 

Thus, to answer the question of whether it is legitimate, we advise that customers use a legitimate website. 



We started with the question, “Is Prime Opinion legit?” and our answer is, “Yes, it is a reliable and legitimate website.” The website has a rating of 4.5, which in itself is a testament to the trustworthiness of this survey provider. Though the website has a few drawbacks, its pros outweigh its cons, ensuring a secure and rewarding experience for its users. 

However, customers are advised to be vigilant while using the website as it involves financial rewards. We hope that the article was helpful. Kindly give us feedback.


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