American home shield reviews | 50+ Feedbacks [2023]


Read American home shield reviews and know complete details on the benefits and drawbacks. This website enables users in numerous approaches that you can imagine. It connects customers to the service that restores your house and guarantees it. 

In this article, we have researched and covered all aspects so that you can decide whether you should take their service or not. So, let’s do a fact-check.


What is the American home shield?

It is a website that enables customers to connect to contractors who can assist them with home solutions. This business enterprise isn’t always an India-primarily based business enterprise. This business enterprise is positioned in Memphis, Tennessee. This business enterprise works with 16 thousand of contractors and sixty thousands of technicians. 

This business enterprise offers log finance for your house. The company keeps all forms of issues withinside the domestic, like a hassle with appliances, leakage, or any seeping. 


There are 3 forms of plans which are: 

  • First is platinum protection. It covers a primary part of the house machine, which incorporates roof leaks, appliances, insurance for maintenance every 12 months, and all forms of upkeep. 
  • The second is gold protection. It covers much less of the house machine in assessment than platinum protection. It cowls 9 kitchen and washing appliances. 
  • The third is the silver shield, which covers significant parts of the home system. As per the website, there have been more than $2B in-home warranty claims in the last 5 years.

Further, you will read about the specifications, pros, cons, American home shield reviews, and whether the website is legit.


  • Contact details – 800.776.4663
  • Address – American Home Shield Corporation, one hundred fifty Peabody Place, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38103.
  • Shipping charges – shipping is free. 
  • Warranty – a 20-12 months guarantee is furnished to the clients withinside the domestic and its upkeep.
  • Customer provider – all domestic-associated issues like restoration, maintenance and construction are taken care of.
  • Discount – significant discounts are furnished to the clients on decided plans for their houses.
  • Payment method – coins on shipping and online payment 
  • Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube


  • Offers you multiple home services
  • Covers maximum warranty
  • Can resolve and fix all types of issues
  • Huge customer satisfaction database


  • A refund isn’t always furnished for the plans decided on.
  • Customer support is not attentive. 
  • Services are average.
  • Delays in providing services and warranty reimbursement.

What are the American home shield reviews?

Before proceeding, it is essential to read the user reviews of any product or service. To convey truthful information, we researched and found multiple mixed reviews of this online service. If we refer to the Trustpilot stats, the American home shield has only 2/5-star ratings, which shows considerable customer dissatisfaction.


Most customers have issues with delays in fixing the problem and reimbursements, and most of the users complain about their lousy service and clean work.

However, there are also various positive reactions from customers. Most of them have been taking their services for more than 5 years and appreciated their on-spot solutions and fixing all types of appliances.


Are American home shield legit or not?

After going through each aspect, this platform is a regular site. However, there are some terrible user responses, but they also have loads of positive American home shield reviews. In all respects, it is a legit platform with many unsatisfied customers.

Also, there have been some lawsuits concerning customer support and the restoration of paintings that turned into achieved for the clients. Clients are furnished with the best provider consistent with the fee variety they bought. The houses are furnished with a guarantee of 20yrs, which isn’t always much less. 



As per the American home shield reviews, it is a home appliance service platform that helps you recover, fix and offer home solutions.

We have given numerous statistics on this website as much as possible by showing its execs and cons, critiques and lawsuits from clients, and whether the website is respectable. This article will assist readers in deciding whether to proceed further or not.


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