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Blue Tea Review – Benefits & Side Effects [2023]


Are you looking for Blue tea reviews by users? In today’s world, it very essential to keep our body fit and fine. Due to stress, and work pressure, it becomes difficult to maintain the work-life balance. Here, we will talk about Blue tea, its advantages and the process to take with some drawbacks.

About Blue tea

Blue tea, otherwise called butterfly pea blossom tea, is a homegrown tea produced using the dried petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant, which is local to Southeast Asia. The tea is known for its distinctive blue tone, which is credited to the presence of anthocyanins, a kind of cell reinforcement shade, in the petals.


Blue tea is ordinarily consumed for its potential medical advantages, which incorporate lessening pressure and nervousness, further developing cerebrum capability, and advancing unwinding. Moreover, blue tea is often utilized in conventional medication for its mitigating and antimicrobial properties. The tea can be consumed hot or cold and is frequently matched with different spices, flavours, or natural products to upgrade its flavour and advantages. Please continue reading for Blue tea reviews below.

What are its ingredients?

Blue tea is produced using the dried petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant. No different fixings are commonly added to the tea. Certain individuals might add honey, lemon, or other regular sugars to improve the kind of tea. However, this is discretionary and excessive for its creation.


It can likewise be joined with different spices, flavours, or natural products to make one-of-a-kind flavour profiles, yet the base fixing stays the dried petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant.

How often it tends to be consumed in a day?

There is no drawn line on how frequently blue tea can be consumed daily. Notwithstanding, consuming moderate measures of blue tea as a component of a sound diet is, by and large, viewed as protected. Like any food or refreshment, it is critical to devour blue tea with some restraint and know about any expected unfavourable impacts, like collaborations with prescription or sensitivities.


If you have any worries about consuming blue tea, it is best to talk with a medical services supplier before integrating it into your daily practice. They can give customized guidance because of your special wellbeing status and requirements. Read further to know the Blue tea reviews.

What is the cycle of consuming it?

Set up the tea: Begin by bubbling water in a pot and adding 1-2 teaspoons of dried blue tea petals. Allow the tea to soak for 5-10 minutes, depending on superior strength.

  • Strain the tea: Utilize a fine-network sifter to eliminate the tea petals from the water. You can likewise utilize a tea maker for more helpful interaction.
  • Serve the tea: Empty the blue tea into a cup and appreciate it hot or over ice. You can add sugars like honey, sugar, or stevia whenever you want.

Explore different avenues regarding flavours: Blue tea can be joined with different fixings, like lemon, mint, or ginger, to make special and heavenly flavour mixes.

What are its disadvantages?

Like with any food or drink, blue tea can have a few possible disadvantages or unfriendly impacts:

  • Sensitivities: Certain individuals might be hypersensitive to the Clitoria ternatea plant, and consuming blue tea might cause an unfavourably susceptible response.
  • Collaborations with the drug: Blue tea contains intensities that might interface with specific meds, like blood thinners, and may decrease their viability or increase the secondary effects’ gamble.
  • Caffeine content: Blue tea doesn’t contain caffeine, yet certain individuals might, in any case, encounter butterflies, tension, or opposite secondary effects on the off chance that they consume it in enormous sums.
  • Taste: Certain individuals dislike the flavour of blue tea, as it can have a somewhat bitter or hearty flavour.

What are the Blue tea reviews?

During the analysis, we found several viewpoints of customers who used and were satisfied with the product. Most of the positive comment’s users mentioned that the product smells good, which is one of the best things. Another customer says that she kept it in the fridge for regular use, but the taste remains the same.

We have also found some issues regarding its uses that most of them find it difficult to prepare the tea. Few said that after consumption, they felt their tongue was swallowed. By the way, most users gave it a 5-star rating on Amazon Blue tea reviews.


From where can you purchase blue tea?

Blue tea can be bought from various sources, including:

  • Well-being food stores: Numerous wellbeing food stores convey homegrown teas, including blue tea. You can find blue tea in free-leaf structures or tea packs.
  • Online retailers: Blue tea is generally accessible for buy on the web through retailers like Amazon, iHerb, or Flourish Market.
  • Specialty coffee bars: Some speciality bistros might convey blue tea alongside various teas and tea-related items.
  • Supermarkets: Some supermarkets may likewise convey blue tea in the tea path or in the wellbeing food area.

In conclusion, the product is good in taste, and most users enjoyed it and loved its smell. However, in some Blue tea reviews, we noted that a few users found it difficult to prepare and faced issues. 


Moreover, if you have any allergies, consult with your expert before taking them. Do write to us in the comments section and share your thoughts.



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