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Who is Bradley Martyn ex girlfriend and what she is doing for a living? Martyn is an American social media personality and an expert in physique competition and fitness. This personality owns an account on many social networking sites and a renowned video channel. Although Martyn appears to lead a very intriguing life these days, things weren’t always this way for him.

Unfortunately, he lost his father to suicide at a very young age. It should go without saying that this experience greatly impacted Brad and that the horrific occurrence caused him to battle anxiety and despair for a considerable amount of time. Being raised with no father figure also presented him with additional challenges.


In an interview with Generation Iron, he revealed the impact of his father’s suicide and how it changed his perspective on life and shaped the type of influencer he aspired to be in the bodybuilding industry. Since depression may lead to feelings of anger, loathing, and, tragically, harm, his goal is to raise awareness and promote optimism to prevent others from going through what his father went through.

Bio (Bradley Martyn)

Real nameBradley Martyn
ProfessionFitness competitor, Trainer, and Social media star
Net value2 million dollars
Height190.5 cm
Weight106.6 kg
Bradley Martyn girlfriend 
Famous forFitness trainer

Health Lifestyle of Bradley Martyn

  • Martyn exercises regularly in resistance training, concentrating on a new muscle area daily. He allows himself two days off as well.
  • Owing to his enormous muscles, many people speculated on social media platforms that he uses steroids.
  • Brad claims he was natural, or “natty,” which means steroid-free, for the previous year in a TikTok video uploaded in March 2023. It’s also important to mention that in 2011, he participated in the NPC, an amateur bodybuilding competition, having cleared all drug tests.
  • Martyn prefers to vary his vegetables once a week to be motivated. Eating the same meals every day might get monotonous.

What is Bradley Martyn’s net worth?

  • According to recent reports, his net value is expected to be 2 million dollars. The two primary revenue streams are his adventurous exercise facility and entertaining YouTube channel.
  • Supporters remain to ponder the mysterious fitness influencer’s future endeavours and secrets as they become more curious with every step he takes into his financial maze.
  • Fitness fanatics may find a haven at his thriving gym, giving people the chance to exercise with Bradley and get guidance regarding their life-changing adventures. 

Early Life

  • When Bradley was fifteen, he began working out at the gym and learned a fair lot about diet and training throughout the years.
  • Consequently, in January 2006, Brad launched his training programs and called these programs compelling, but didn’t become well-known in the fitness industry until 2014.
  • Bradley launched his workout video channel in the same year and started posting footage of his workouts and “full day of eating” to the world.
  • The viewers were appreciated and commented lots of positive remarks by these uploads, which helped Bradley significantly expand his online reputation. Ultimately, he rose to prominence on social media and became one of the most well-known online fitness experts.


Martyn has competed in many bodybuilding contests, winning five titles in all. He finished in the top 10 in all five tournaments, taking home two first-place awards and one second-place trophy.



Among the scandals surrounding Bradley Martyn are the following:

  • Reports surfaced in 2017 regarding an argument at a gym in which he was accused of attacking a third party. Everyone has given different versions of the events, and the specifics are unclear.
  • He is accused of taking steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs to get his muscular body. In the fitness business, people with unique physiques are frequently asked about their techniques to get their bodies, leading to such charges.
  • Martyn is seen as a promoter of various diet and exercise items. He has been criticized for allegedly endorsing products whose effectiveness is questionable and for making false promises about their advantages.

Who is Bradley Martyn ex girlfriend?

It was observed that during 2015, Martyn was in a commitment with another wellness coach, Kara Corey. Their followers were very excited about their union. However, as time passed, rumours of their splitting surfaced, which made the supporters very sad. Unfortunately, neither Bradley nor Kara revealed the real cause of their breakup. 


Kara Corey is a famous wellness instructor whose birthplace is in the USA. Kara is also recognized as a WNBF Bikini Pro and Qualified Nutritionist wellness instructor. Her Instagram account, karacoreyfitlife, has over 40,000 followers.

Bio (Kara Corey)

Full nameKara Corey
ProfessionFitness instructor
Net worth1 million dollars to 5 million dollars

How does she make a living?

Kara Corey is a wellness teacher, WNBF Bikini Pro in America, and a qualified nutritionist.


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