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If you are looking for a Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service and their rates, you have come across the perfect information provider. We do not jot down information for sponsorship. Everything that has been noted here is entirely goals to make the readers understand and aware of the ongoing rates and services through different types of commutation prover. 

These cities are overly crowded, and many people travel from outside, so the taxi drivers hike their prices, and not knowing the actual price will definitely make you pay more than the current rate. Let us look after it in detail and choose what is best for us. 


How much is a taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi?

The passenger is required to cover 245 km in order to reach their destination. They can get their vehicle at any point in time without any worry. The cabs are running with all the essentials that you might require in your journey. 

The cost of a taxi service depends upon the choice of the passenger in terms of their requirements, like luggage size and the members that it will carry. The prices are set according to the size of the vehicle. A few Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service prices are mentioned below: 

  • The starting rate is Rs.3500 for Honda Amaze, Etios, Swift
  • Rs. 4500 for Ertiga
  • Rs. 5000 from Innova
  • Rs. 5500 for Crysta
  • Rs. 6000 for Hycross

How much does Uber cost from Chandigarh to Delhi?

Travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service charges around Rs. 2731, but the prices may exceed according to the traffic, the stoppage a passenger takes, and any long cuts that they prefer to go through. 

It will increase according to the distance and time the rider has given, which will automatically pop up on your booking app, after which you can pay whatever amount it is showing. 


If the user has some coupons, they can use them to get any discount, which will be around 500 or less, not exceeding that. 

How much time it takes from Chandigarh to Delhi by taxi?

The average time that it takes to travel is 6 hours to cover 260 Km. However, the price rates increase according to the destination where the passenger needs to get dropped off. The location and the streets it takes to cross, and the fare being calculated with respect to that. 


The fare prices also increase when the driver has to take turns or get in any traffic due to the increase in the time that the driver has to provide their fare increases. It also increases as per the seats that have been reserved in the cab, which has been differentiated as any booking and premium or sedan bookings. 

How much is a taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi airport?

Delhi being a metro city, one can get a cab at any point of the day and night, but due to the difference in time, the fare prices are high accordingly. As per our experience in Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service, they charge slightly high during the night time.


If the user is choosing a taxi, they can choose something suitable for them, and the first step is to offer a date and see if the driver accepts it or not. 

The price starts from Rs2573 for a hatchback and less for any vehicle booking, which is smaller in size, like Swift. 


How much is the cost of Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service?

The cost is generally the same as the cost from Chandigarh to Delhi airport, which is Rs. 2574 for a hatchback, but it varies according to the destination of the passenger, where they are required to be dropped in, and at what distance. 

Suppose the passenger takes any stoppage or asks the rider to choose any longer or go through some other route that is not convenient for the rider or not showing on the map. In that case, the driver will definitely ask for extra fare than what it has been showing while booking from Chandigarh to Delhi one way taxi service. 


There is also a website that has been dedicated to this route. The passenger can contact them through, and a number will be available. They can contact you through WhatsApp and email or just through a call to book their taxi. 

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