Clogskystm Perfume Review – I Used the Product! (Sept. 23)


Clogskytm is best known to prepare unisex perfumes, read Clogskytm perfume review and find out whether it matched your taste or not although it smells elegant.

This perfume is available for both men and women. It is widely appreciated for its sensual fragrance. It has achieved wide popularity after it went viral on TikTok. It has a therapeutic smell. 


History of Clogskystm perfume

This perfume is available for men and women. It is said to have clinical benefits due to its therapeutic smell, and it is said to improve the relationship between partners. The smell makes you stand out from the crowd.

This is considered to be one of the most romantic perfumes. Few sprays have an ever-lasting effect on your body. The vital points one can Target in using these perfume is joints like elbows and knees, the inner side of the waist for females, the wrist for both men and women, and the posterior binaural and neck. 


The company has claimed that it is more effective than any other perfumes that are available in the store. It has been said to increase eye contact among the partners. It has a shelf life of 3 years, and one single bottle can be used for a long by an individual.

However, is it really what is claimed by the company? Let us understand it through the Clogskystm perfume review. They also retail it in combos and single packets. Combos are available in a couple of packages as golden is for females, and black is for men. 


Flavor available 

  • The golden lure for women
  • The black lure for men
  • Item volume: 50 millilitres
  • Available for both men and women
  • Comes in a single box and combos of two
  • The package contains one Venom Love cologne.
  • Long and ever-lasting
  • The bottle contains liquid and no gas.


  • Objective: To provide a premium fragrance
  • Date started: 14 April 2023
  • Manufactured by: Sovtay 
  • Retails for: 6,145.20 for each bottle
  • Sold by: Amazon, the official website of Clogskytm,,
  • Offers: Amazon, during their sales, provides 40 to 50% off on the product; the rest of the sites provide 50 to 30% off on regular days; it also offers one and get one free during the offer time. 

Positives Reviews

Here are the Clogskystm perfume review we have collected from different platforms, including Amazon, which has been selling this product widely. Let us have a look: 

  • One verified user has stated in the Amazon review section that this is one such versatile smell that makes you keep your fragrance unique and stand out from the crowd. The fragrance speaks about your identity. 
  • Another user stated that although the fragrance is premium, it is available at an affordable cost, and there is no compromise made to the product. It smells just like some high-end brands, which keeps users purchasing this item again and again after their first purchase.
  • Another user stated that this perfume is extracted from natural ingredients and all the extra ingredients are synthetic, which makes it pretty safe for all skin types, and there is no such buring effect that is being felt after using it like any other perfume.

Negatives reviews

From the Amazon Clogskystm perfume review, we could see many negative reviews. Let us have a look at it. 

  • One customer said this perfume feels like just an air freshener, and the amount they charge for a 50ml bottle, the packaging, and the quality is not worth spending even half of it. 
  • Customers have stated that the product’s description and the owner’s claim are very contradictory to the way it works. This product gives a feeling of local products and nothing close to premium ones. 
  • Customers also stated that the company provides two sets of perfume for both women and men, but both the products have similar ingredients and smell just the same, and it seems both are just curated for women. 

What are the Clogskystm perfume reviews for both HIM & HER?

Here are the reviews that the product has gotten for its two variants, black and golden: 

  • The customer stated that the two products have nothing as such to be categorized like that, and both of them smell like it is for women only.
  • The product can be sprayed on anything, and it is mentioned on the site that it can be used on cars, walls, and furniture, because of which many stated it is designed in a way that it smells like air freshener. 
  • The customers have stated that the combo products are high but contain only snake cologne for men. 

Where to buy Clogskystm perfumes?

Here are the platforms from where one can buy their items

  • Amazon


Are there any discounts available for Clogskystm perfume?

Amazon, during their sales, provides 40 to 50% off on the product
the rest of the sites provide 50 to 30% off on regular days
it also offers one and gets one free during the offer time. 

How many flavors are available?

Two flavoured available
Lure of her
Lure for him


Is Clogskystm best for HIM or Her?

It is best suited for women, as per Clogskystm perfume review.

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