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Known for its unique name, Yofana, which stands for Young, Fantastic, and Natural, it is an online clothing store. For those wondering – Is Yofana clothing legit? We’ve got that covered for you. This online shopping store even provides discounts to its users. 

This article will cover the details of the website along with the different products sold in the online store. This article will also give you insights into the user reviews and the pros and cons of using the website, and towards the end of this article, we will see if the website is safe to use, so let us begin.


What is

Started on a mission to serve the true self for women, this is a clothing website from where you can buy different types of clothes. It runs on the mission to make women feel superior to themselves and feel young, natural, and fantastic. Before we learn more about Is Yofana clothing legit, let us see what else this website offers. 

All the qualities that a customer looks for, starting from the quality to the styles, this clothing store guarantees you all of it. Let us now see the products that are available on this site –

  • Knitted tops – there is a wide range of knitted tops for women that you can shop for from this site.
  • Skirts – you can even shop for skirts from this online shop; different designs are available, including floral patterns.
  • Shirts – different types of shirts are available in various combinations of colors; you can even buy loose shirts.
  • Sweater – apart from regular clothing, you can purchase cosy sweaters for Autumn.
  • Jumpsuit – from one-price jumpsuits to tight jumpsuits, you can find various jumpsuits on this site.


  • Contact Details – The contact number provided on their website is 86-17727619750.
  • Email ID – for service-related queries and information regarding the orders, customers can mail to
  • Discounts – there are a lot of deals that the users can avail of. Once you open their site, you will find different offers; if you buy two items, you will get 5% off, and if you buy three items, you will get up to 6% off, etc.
  • Office Address – the address according to their site is Room 10c, Melong Road, Shenzhen, China 
  • Return Policy – The customers can return their products within 30 days of purchase, and they must be in the original condition before returning.
  • Shipping policy – a detailed description of their shipping policy is given on their website, and the time taken to ship the orders to different countries is also mentioned.
  • Payment – you can make your payment using Mastercard, Visa, etc.
  • Blog – their blog section is currently not opening.

To ascertain whether – Is Yofana clothing legit, let us see the advantages and disadvantages of shopping from this site. This will help us better understand the site and see how beneficial it is for you to shop from here. 


  • You can buy different clothes from this online shop in different colours and patterns.
  • Users can also avail of the various discounts provided by the site.
  • If the company approves your return, the users will get a refund.
  • The contact details and email address are also mentioned on their web page.
  • When you open their website, you will find an option “treat.” After you fill in your details, you can get a treat from the website.
  • You can even subscribe to their newsletter and join them and get updates.


  • The website has age restrictions. Only those above the age of 16 years can use the website.
  • If you are ordering from a remote place, it may take longer.
  • You cannot redirect the parcel if you give the wrong address.
  • If, due to unforeseeable circumstances, you cannot take the package, then you will have to pay for the shipping charges.

What are the Yofana clothing reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave five stars to the e-store and liked the quality of the product.
  • The items were very good, is what another review stated, and gave a 5-star rating.
  • On YouTube, a user commented that he ordered twice from Germany and received his package.
  • Another user ordered a t-shirt, which got delivered within a week, and he liked it.

Negative Reviews

  • One of the users gave a review stating that he had not received his parcel yet.
  • A user found the company to be unprofessional, and he didn’t like the items he received.
  • A user’s return request was not accepted, and he gave only one star to the site.

Is Yofana clothing legit?

This online store discloses all the relevant information, contact details, privacy policy, shipping policy, etc. This is a company based in China, and it is on social media platforms like Instagram too. Coming to the legitimacy of this site, according to Trustpilot, it got a 2.5-star rating out of 5.


There are mixed reviews about the company. However, the company does deliver products to the customers; hence, it is legit. 


Thus, we can conclude that though the company is legit, the quality is not great as few customers don’t like their products. There were some issues faced by a few users, too. 


Hence, if you like their products, go ahead and order; if not, look for other alternatives. We hope you liked our article on – Is Yofana clothing legit, please don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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