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Joe Lacava Net Worth | Megan Lacava? Over $2M Networth


As per the latest data 2023, Joe Lacava net worth is over $2 million USD? Tiger Woods is a professional golf player from America, and his caddie is Joe Lacava. Steven Couples is another famed golf player whose caddie was Joe Lacava for the past 20 years.

This article will discuss Joe Lacava’s biography, his wife’s details, and his net worth. You will get insights regarding his net worth from 2019 to 2023. So, let us begin. 


Who is Joe Lacava?

A caddie is an assistant who carries the bags of Golf players and motivates and provides moral support to play them better. As of now, Joe is a caddie for Tiger Woods. He also advises the gamers. 

For the past twenty years, he has been caddying for Steven Couples, a former world number-one golf player from the United States of America. Besides caddying for these players, you can even find him in the Hall of Fame. 


Summary of Joe Lacava net worth

Let us now see the net worth of this caddy who has also caddied for other professional golf players like Justin Leonard, Dustin Johnson, etc. In this section of the article, we will see the net worth of this golf caddy. 

As of now, the net worth of Joe is $ 2 million. Yearly, he earns from $272 to $544 hundred dollars. Due to the games that Tiger Woods won, the amount contributing to his net worth is $207,000. This amount is exclusive of sponsorship earnings of his base payment. Let us now see the biography of Joe Lacava.



Full NameJoe Lacava
Birth YearHe is 68 years old and was born in 1955
Famous forCaddying, which means assisting the gold players physically and mentally.
InstagramHe is not on any of the social media platforms.
Net WorthJoe Lacava net worth is $ 2 million.
SubscribersSince he doesn’t have a YouTube channel, there are no subscribers.
RelationshipMegan LaCava is his wife, who was a tennis star during her schooling days.
Born inConnecticut
ChildrenA boy and a Girl.
EducationThis caddy completed his graduation from Western Connecticut State University.

Who is the wife if Joe Lacava?

Megan Lacava is Joe’s spouse of Joe and was born in Connecticut. They were both pals from high school, and she played golf in high school. In September 1994, they both got married.

They both met in Danbury in a sports bar, and she was impressed by his purchasing a hat that was worth $20. She is a sales manager with experience in the media industry. We have seen Joe Lacava net worth; now let us see his wife’s biography.



Full NameMegan Lacava
Famous forShe is the wife of Joe, who is a gold caddy.
ProfessionMegan has over ten years of experience working in the media. Presently she is a sales manager.
Place of BirthConnecticut
Social MediaOn social media, she is not available.
Date of Birth18th August

Joe Lacava’s net worth in 2023

If you are wondering what is Joe Lacava net worth from 2019 to the present, we’ve got you covered. Let us see his earnings from 2019 to 2023 –

YearNet Worth
2019At this time, he was a caddy for Tiger Woods, but his income is not mentioned anywhere.
2020It was the pandemic time, and hence, it is unknown.
2021He caddied for Fred at this time.  However, he didn’t disclose his salary anywhere.
2023$2 million

About Hall of Fame recognition

Joe is not an ordinary caddy, as he is known for getting his name in the Hall of Fame, too. On August 14th, after the BMW Championship, he achieved the Hall of Fame.  The main reason behind getting this is the efforts he made throughout his career.


If you are looking for insights into his early life, the same will be covered in the next section of this article.

Early life

Joe began working to support himself in 1983. In the 1990s, he caddied for Fred Couples, who was the first golfer. His work was mainly known to people in a way where they knew that his working style was easily understood and was not a complication to anyone.


The same was observed when Joe worked for his cousin. For whomever he caddies, all of them were of different personalities, yet still, he was successful in doing his duty.

Joe Lacava’s career highlights

Career HighlightsDescription
Caddie for Tiger WoodsServed as Tiger Woods’ caddie for over a decade, starting in 2011.
Major ChampionshipsCaddied for Tiger Woods during his victories at the 2019 Masters and the 2020 Zozo Championship.
ExperienceHas extensive experience caddying for various professional golfers before partnering with Tiger Woods.
Loyalty and DedicationKnown for his loyalty and commitment to Tiger Woods, standing by him through injuries and challenges.
Success in High-Pressure SituationsDemonstrated the ability to perform under immense pressure during major tournaments.

Other details:

  • He was a caddy for Fred for over 20 years, and he started his career by caddying him.
  • Joe carved a niche for himself by achieving the Hall of Fame. He got it as his work was known to everyone, and he was an inspiration in how he worked.
  • While Joe started his career, in the initial stages, his work was acknowledged as he caddied for Dustin.


In this article, we saw Joe Lacava net worth. This article also covered his wife, his journey, and his biography. They both are blessed with two kids.


The above given information is based as per the data available till September 2023. We hope you liked our article; please don’t forget to give us your feedback. 



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