MCTR Payment Legit | Cautions & Awareness [2023]


Are you conflicted by the question, “is mctr payment legit or not” too? If so, then join the bandwagon, as you are not alone. When it comes to anything remotely related to finances, we all tend to get worried a lot. But when it is something as crucial as taxes, the tension triples.

Therefore to make it simple for you and to take the stress away, we have tried to provide all the relevant details that would help you determine whether the site being referred to here is authentic. 


About mctr payment

You must have visited the site many times, but the lingering question, “is mctr payment legit or not” must have held you back. It is vital to know what it stands for to free yourself from all the worries. MCTR payment or Middle-Class Tax refund payment is handed out to a handful of eligible tax filers. To facilitate this process, the site allows the recipient of this payment to activate their cards through which the process is carried out.

The platform requires the users to follow a few steps to set up their cards and activate them easily. They have even provided all the essential information on executing it by enlisting all the steps in detail. 


What are the specifications of the site?

  • Website:
  • Purpose: Facilities easy mctr payment through cards
  • One-time payment for tax filers.
  • For residents of California only.
  • ATM Locator available
  • Fee and transaction limit details are available 
  • Contact Details: (For Customer Service: Primary- 18005429332; TTY- 18005429363), (For queries about Card: Primary- 18002400223; TTY- 1.800.240.0226)
  • Address: Money Network Cardholder Services, 2900 Westside Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004
  • Chat feature available
  • Social media: YouTube 
  • Customer Care Languages: Spanish, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Korean, Punjabi, and Vietnamese
  • Customer Service Timing: Monday to Friday- 8 AM to 5 PM. 


  • The middle-class tax refund payment is conducted through mctr cards, and this website offers all the prerequisite information on how to do it correctly. 
  • Recipients can find detailed steps on how to activate cards here.
  • The site even suggests ways how to make use of the card. 
  • It answers all the questions that a recipient may have or might have.
  • Users can find the criteria that make them eligible for payment on this platform.
  • It also helps people estimate the amount of the payment they shall receive hich further answers the question, “is mctr payment legit or not?”. 
  • All the details are given here, from how to activate cards to how people will receive their payment.
  • The source also offers all the necessary legal information vital to this proof. 
  • Cards that get stolen can be easily replaced with the help of this source.
  • The process has been termed safe and secure for all who go through it. 


  • There is a complete lack of customer reviews on the leading site which might make users question, “is mctr payment legit or not.”
  • It also has no other social media platforms except YouTube, where users can drop their comments or feedback.
  • Users have to issue another specific debit card to receive the payment.

What are the customers saying?

To answer the question, is mctr payment legit? It is essential to know what the customers have to say regarding it. As there is a complete absence of reviews on the main page, for feedback, we have referred to the YouTube videos available on the platform. 

However, no reviews or comments could be found anywhere as a third party or channel sourced these videos, and the words had been turned off. But based on the discussion found on reddit regarding the mtcr payment, there have been various negative feedbacks wherein users have commented that they have not received any payment promised to them. 


One user commented that he had been waiting for it for twenty-eight days but to no avail. Another user wrote that the money they were supposed to get per the terms of the mtcr payment had yet to be shown. Similarly, numerous negative comments and remarks have been floating around the platform, nullifying the site’s whole purpose.

Is mtcr payment legit?

Based on the reviews we have gathered and our research of the website, we can say that it is a legitimate source that helps users collect information regarding the mtcr payment. It has also helped them stay informed about the process and each step. Even though there have been numerous negative reviews, the source can be trusted as its whole purpose is to facilitate debit card issuance with the help of which payments can be collected. 



Mtcr payment is a provision made specifically for those who have filed their taxes in California. It is a single payment that the users receive on the debit cards issued primarily for the purpose. We hope you have catered to your demands and have provided all the vital details you were looking for to answer your question, “is mtcr payment legit or not?” If so, please drop your remarks in the comments section below. 

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