Mirwais Azizi Net Worth – Afgan’s Business Tycoon (2024)


The billionaire Mirwais Azizi Net Worth is over $2 billion. As one of the most dynamic global entrepreneurs who gained acknowledgment and fame through his endeavors, his journey to renown and success must be recognized worldwide.

Mirwais Azizi is a self-established individual known for his contributions and establishments in the property and financing industry. He has initiated diverse commercial and residential enterprise advancements in multiple Western Asian states.



We have provided you with personal information about Mirwais Azizi, which we felt is essential for the readers.

Full name  Mirwais Azizi Hotak
Profession  Businessman
Date of Birth  1962
Net Worth  Over $2 Billion
Height  Not available
Weight  Not available
Nationality  Afghanistan
Mirwais Azizi Family  Wife and seven children
Famous for  Azizi Group of Companies
Mirwais Azizi Wife  Parigul Azizi
Education  Law graduate

Mirwais Azizi’s support to health cause

Mirwais is not only rich but also believes in donations and work for the well-being of society. He recently 2023 donated 100 million Dihram for a hunger and nutrition campaign. He and his family decided to continue such a campaign and will encourage others to participate in such a cause to accelerate the fight against hunger and malnutrition.


Who is Mirwais Azizi’s wife?

  • Mirwais Azizi married to Parigul Azizi at a young age. Parigul Azizi was with Mirwais throughout his life through the distress and accomplishments he experienced.
  • There is no reliable information online about when the couple tied the knot. However, Parigul has given birth to 7 kids and led a large family with her husband.
  • The web does not provide in-depth information about Parigul. Nevertheless, it can be derived that she is a supporting wife to Mirwais Azizi and has helped him pursue becoming the wealthiest individual in Afghanistan.

Who is Mirwais Azizi’s daughter?

Mirwais Azizi and Parigul have given birth to 7 kids altogether. However, no information about Mirwais Azizi’s daughter is available online.

What is Mirwais Azizi net worth in 2024, and what does he do for a living?

  • Mirwais Azizi is an entrepreneur belonging to Afghanistan who has forged his path in Dubai. He is known for his company in various sectors, including finance and realty.
  •  Another fascinating detail about the companies is their petroleum business and other foundation and hospitality companies.
  • Mirwais Azizi has solidified his status as a self-made entrepreneur by establishing companies collectively recognized as the Azizi Group.
  • The residents of the Middle East have placed their trust in supporting the Group, contributing to the growth and expansion of the companies.
  • These enterprises are the foundation of Mirwais’ wealth, culminating in the creation of Azizi Developments, Azizi Bank, and others.
  • Currently, Mirwais Azizi is positioned among the world’s wealthiest people in business, boasting a net worth ranging from 1 to 5 billion USD.

Early life/career

  • Having obtained a degree in law from Kabul National University, Mirwais Azizi was compelled by an inner drive to venture into business. In 1989, he initiated the Azizi Group.
  • Like any individual, Azizi encountered numerous challenges in the early stages of establishing himself in the business sector.
  • However, such hindrances did not stop Mirwais from becoming an elite Afghanistan businessman.
  • His businesses included property, finance, cordiality, oil, etc. With great enthusiasm and force, Azizi launched the Azizi Bank in 2006, a great success.
  • He also holds the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan, earlier known as Bakhtar Bank.
  • Azizi is the proprietor of a petroleum business in Dubai, solidifying his position as a prominent Middle Eastern businessman, particularly with a substantial portion of his business operations centered in Dubai.
  • He has spearheaded numerous developments in Dubai’s residential and commercial real estate sector.


  • Mirwais has earned a lot of popularity and fame for his unstoppable success. He was a one-man force with a vision and glory that has made him the man he is today.
  • Despite obstacles and challenges, Azizi persisted in visionary thinking and continued to expand, aspiring to become the most affluent businessman in Afghanistan.
  • All the hard work that Azizi has been through has given him fruit, and he was mentioned in the Arabian Business 100 Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East.
  • Azizi Enterprises initially started its business in Dubai. However, the company’s success has led to expanding the business to 10 countries.
  • The Azizi Bank is the central corporate bank of Afghanistan, which initially started with 7 million USD but now has reached 80 million dollars.

Mirwais Azizi’s Contoversies

Various studies and reports proved that Mirwais was involved in numerous scandals. The Azizi Bank was time after time, involved in scandals that labeled its investments as fraudulent and inappropriate.


There were also rumors about the differences and drift between the partners of the Azizi bank, i.e., Farnood and Mirwais, which led to on-and-off business. Mirwais was called a mafia, and all his investments were considered fraudulent and scandalous.

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