Park Min Young Ex Boyfriend | This businessman gave it all?


Who is the business tycoon Park Min Young ex boyfriend? Know all about her professional and personal life.

Parl Min Young is an acclaimed actress who has earned several acclaims and accolades in the South Korean entertainment industry. She has proven her excellence in her art through her performance in several movies. Despite her achievements, what has attracted much focus and raised conjectures is her personal life and relationships.


As a result of all the rumors that have been doing the rounds, people are excited to get a glimpse of it. In this article, we have shed light on her past relationship which has garnered huge media attention.

Bio (Park Min Young)

Full namePark Min Young
DOB4th March 1986
Net Worth$10M approx.
Height164 cms
Weight110 lbs
NationalitySouth Korea
Famous ForSungkyunkwan Scandal – Drama series
EducationGraduate Degree: Dongguk University

What is Park Min Young’s net worth and what does she do for a living?

As stated above, Park Min Young has managed to grab the limelight with her appealing performances that cater to the audience’s demands. She has reached several milestones in her career through exemplary performances in not only TV series but also movies. But, the one show that contributed vastly to her name and fame is Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Apart from being an artist on television, she is also known for being a voiceover artist.  Her presence on screen and association with the entertainment industry for a long time has made her a well-established known in the industry.


Early Life/Career

  • Those who are well aware of her career know that she started from a young age but never let anything come her way.
  • Overcoming all obstacles, she managed to rise to the audience’s expectations through her performances in several series.
  • But her breakthrough commenced in 2012 with her venture into movies. Some of her most appreciated performances include, High Kick, I am Sam, Hometown of Legends, etc.
  • Along with all of these shows, series, movies, and appearances, she is even seen in many songs.
  • Due to her unwavering dedication to her art and her phenomenal performances, she has also grabbed several awards in the “Best Actress” category. Now, in today’s time, she can be referred to as an international star with fans all across the globe.
  • But all of her achievements would not have been possible without her educational background.
  • After completing school, Young earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from a University in Seoul. Thus, from an early age, had a clear vision and dream.


Apart from the accolades and acclaim, she earned in the form of awards, there are several other aspects where she has excelled. In 2021, she was also the recipient of a Presidential Commendation from the National Tax Department. In 2012, Forbes also listed her name in the Korea Power Celebrity list.


One major controversy that escalated beyond control and even affected her viewership was her spat with her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun. It was revealed to the press that she had received a sun of KRW 250 million from her then partner. In the investigation, it was found that her partner had used her account under a fraud name.


Although, later it was dismissed as baseless. Further into the investigation, it was stated that the money was moved to her account. However, her representatives stated on her behalf that the money was sent to her account as living expenses and that she had no involvement with the fraud whatsoever.

Who is Park Min Young ex boyfriend?

She has not had many relationships in life that have attracted the public attention. However, her ex, Kang Jong Hyun, has been one of the most controversial and talked about relationships. The split was not only under media scrutiny for the breakup but also for the illegal activities that both Park Min Young and Hyun were conjectured to be involved in.



Full nameKang Jong Hyun
ProfessionChairman of Bithumb
Net WorthUnknown
NationalitySouth Korea

What does he do for a living?

Although, there is a lack of information about Kang Jong Hyun, all that is known is that he is a businessman and Chairman of Bithumb. The company is well established and is widely acclaimed as a cryptocurrency firm He has earned a luxurious living and owns a villa in Hannam, The Hill.

Park Min Young’s health life

Below are some of his amazing health life stories:

  • In 2023, She lost about 37 Kilos (81 lbs) for her role in “Marry My Husband” and stunted her fans with her astonishing new avatar.
  • She is a regular on her yoga and follows a strict diet with no junk foods.


The only achievement that is known to the general public and media is that he is the Chairman of Bithumb who does not make many appearances in the public arena. Apart from that, he is vastly wealthy, with various high-end and luxurious cars in his collection.


  • Jong Hyun has time and again been questioned regarding his business endeavors. One such example of his illegitimate activities involves fraud and even drug business overseas.
  • However, one particular controversy that generated huge media chatter, was the one stated above.
  • In this case, he was accused of fraud in which he transferred illegal money into a bank account under Park Min Young’s.
  • Apart from that, he has also been involved in several fraudulent activities that involve forgery of identity, unlawful transfer and acquisition of millions of dollars, and so on.

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