Prakash Gaba Net Worth 2024 | Controversies, Early Life & More


Prakash Gaba is a renowned technical analyst and mentor. His proficiency in frequent appearances on several financial news networks, where he offers opinions and suggestions on stocks and other financial instruments, has earned him a reputation in India.

In this article, we have summarized his entire life regarding his personal details, education, achievements, and controversies.


Who is Prakash Gaba?

He is a complex individual with many interests and accomplishments. He is accredited as a warranted financial technician and trading mentor. He started his career as a senior manager in late 1970.

He has subsequently explored a lot of areas as a hobby. He enjoys reading, is a skilled athlete, and indulges in several sports. His hobbies include shooting with a bow and arrow, flying (especially as a hang glider), skydiving, river rafting, hiking in the Himalayas, scuba diving, snow skiing, windsurfing, etc.



Full namePrakash Gaba
Known forStock trader and stock market analyst
Net worthRs. 10 crore (14 million USD)
EducationGraduate in Computer science
AwardsBest Technical Analyst Award

Early Life

  • Prakash Gaba completed a computer science degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. After graduating from college, he began working as a software engineer before deciding to go into the financial services sector.
  • He first gained interest in analyzing technicalities after seeing the dangers of mindlessly following trading advice and suffering a significant loss in a week.
  • Prakash then decided to take control of his trading decisions due to this event. He committed to learning technical analysis, working hours daily, every day of the week, and understanding the topic for over three years. During this thorough self-education, he studied more than 100 analysis books.
  • Prakash Gaba believes this kind of analysis is one of the most challenging disciplines he has studied. His tenacity and dedication to personal growth have helped him establish himself as a recognized trading and coaching authority.
  • Indian Stock Market analyzer and trader Prakash Gaba has been in the field since the early 2000s. He is renowned for making excellent stock market forecasts. He has established a reputation on the market and is referred to as a top professional in the area.

Prakash Gaba Net Worth

He is anticipated to keep actively participating in the stock market in 2023. He will continue being a lecturer, publishing articles and books on the subject. He is also expected to offer excellent stock market research and precise predictions. His estimated net worth of 1.4 million USD (Rs. 10 crores) will remain the same. His stock market investments and comparison of copy trading and social activities are the sources of his fortune.


He has been designated the best professional and received the “Best Technical Award.” In the people’s choice category. Many business channels in India have interviewed him. He has been a regular author in various newspapers and magazines.


Multiple colleges have invited him for workshops, seminars, and lectures. He has been working in this field for 20 years of experience. He has appeared on business channels like TV18, CNBC, etc.


There were no well-publicized disputes or substantial legal difficulties around Prakash Gaba. He is most recognized in India for his work as a financial expert, giving trading analysis and recommendations.



Who is the best trader in India?

Trading has become an essential part of the economy of India, and numerous merchants have substantially contributed to its expansion. Several traders have showcased their fantastic performance in the sector throughout the years, garnering their reputation as some of India’s finest merchants.
Ramesh Damani is the country’s top trader in the market and is well-known for his investing savvy. He earned his Bachelor of Commerce from HR College in Mumbai. Later, he pursued an MBA from California State University. His first significant investment was at Infosys, where he saw enormous promise.

Is Prakash Gaba SEBI registered?

He is a SEBI registered. He is the CEO and founder of the SEBI noted Research.


What is the Prakash GABA strategy?

The Prakash Gaba approach is a technical analysis system in stock trading. It is a set of technical indicators that includes moving averages, analyzers, and Bollinger bands to identify trends and provide trading signals.

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