Sharan Hegde Net Worth | 1% Club, Car Collection & More?


As per 2023 Sharan Hegde net worth is $500k. Many people learned new finance tips from Sharan, and you must be wondering about his personal life and more; this article will cover all the details regarding this person, who has around 2.2 million followers on Instagram, which shows how many people admire his work.

The readers must be thinking about who he is, don’t worry, as this article will cover all the necessary details, including his biography. You will also learn about his car collections, achievements, and the source of his income. All these will be covered in the due course of this article. 


Who is Sharan Hegde?

There are many influencers on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram; one among them mainly deals with finance is Sharan Hegde. He has many followers on all social media platforms and owns the 1% club.

Before we find out Sharan Hegde net worth, let us see what his club deals with. Different workshops are offered that will help you ace stock marketing and deal with finance personally. 


He also has a newsletter that many readers read. He also authored a book about his journey from the beginning to date.


Full NameSharan Hegde
Date of BirthJuly 15, 1995
Famous ForSharan is an influencer known for his financial tactics and owns 1% club.
Net worthSharad Hegde net worth is around four crores.
EducationHe studied in Bangalore at a college named R.V. College, which is an engineering college.
AwardsHe won the Cultural Brand Ambassador Award as a national award.
SpouseNo information is given regarding his relationship status. Hence, it is unknown if he is married.
Place of BirthIn Bangalore, Sharan was born.
Early LifeBefore becoming famous, he worked with Non-banking Financial Institutions, started sharing his knowledge during the COVID time, and acted in TV advertisements.
BookHe wrote a book titled Zero to Viral.

What is Sharan Hegde net worth?

This section will show the net worth of this finance master who has carved a niche for himself. According to his LinkedIn page, he is currently working with companies and helping them solve their financial problems. Apart from this, he also owns the 1% club that exclusively provides training about financial literacy.


Sharan Hegde’s net worth is USD 500k. In the Indian currency, it is equivalent to 4 crores. He earns most of the money from his financial academy and teaches about investing and crypto-currency. There are more than 30k people in his club.

What are his car collections?

During COVID, everyone faced a pocket crunch; it was the perfect time for Sharan to spread his share of knowledge, and he started his Instagram page, which grew into a larger community within a short period. Sharad Hegde net worth is around four crores.


For the readers who are curious about his car collections, this is what we have according to our research – Mercedes Benz, which is a 2022 model and offers the option of driving four wheels. 


  • He has won Forbes 30 under 30.
  • He owns a one percent club that offers training to individuals about various finance-related topics, and it is a large community. 
  • The national award titled Cultural Brand Ambassador Award for how massively his work has contributed to the transactions involved financially.
  • A book was also written by him which talks about his journey.
  • With more than 90 companies, Sharad is working and aiding them with their problems.

What is Sharan Hegde’s 1% or one percent club?

Sharan Hegde’s 1% club is an interesting and motivating drive that expects to have a constructive outcome on society. This club centers around the idea of offering back by empowering people to contribute only 1% of their time, assets, or abilities towards a reason they care about.


Established by Sharan Hegde, this club accepts that even the littlest endeavors can make a huge change when duplicated. By devoting only 1% of our assets, we can, by and large, have a significant effect on the existence of others.

The 1% club urges individuals to distinguish regions where they can contribute their mastery, whether it be through chipping in, mentorship, or gifts. It gives a stage for similar people to meet up and enhance their effect through cooperation and aggregate activity.


Through the 1% club, Sharan Hegde intends to motivate people from varying backgrounds to understand the power they hold inside themselves to achieve positive change. By joining this club, individuals have a chance to offer back as well as become a piece of a steady local area that shares their qualities and yearnings.

Whether you are energetic about training, ecological protection, or civil rights issues, Sharan Hegde’s 1% club offers a stage for you to channel your energy and assets towards having an unmistakable effect there.


Joining the 1% club isn’t just about contributing; it is tied in with being essential for an option that could be more significant than oneself. It is a challenge to be important for a development that trusts in the force of aggregate activity and means to make enduring changes in our networks.

So why not make that stride today? Join Sharan Hegde’s 1% club and become a piece of a local area committed to making the world a superior spot each percent in turn. Together, we can make an effect that goes a long way past what any individual could accomplish alone.



If you are thinking about Hegde’s controversies, then this is all we have for you. According to our research, he was not involved in any controversies, nor was any information available.

However, we request the readers to come back as we will update the article as soon as we find details regarding this.


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