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Terrel Williams Net worth – Who is his wife? Mystery Unfolds!


Known for boxing, Terrel Williams has gained the limelight due to Prichard; let us see what is Terrel Williams net worth. In 2015, this boxer faced legal trouble as his actions led to Prichard going into a coma, after which he took a break.

This article will give you all the details about Terrel, his biography, and the legal battle between him and the Puerto Rican boxer. This article will also provide insights into his apology to the boxer and details of his personal life.


Who is Terrel Williams?

Terrel is a boxer whose career had a twist in 2015 after a tragic event. He later took up NFL coaching. It is related to football coaching, and they are responsible for helping the gamers with strategies. If you are curious to know Terrel Williams net worth, you will get to know very soon in this article.

Rabbit punches in boxing are considered illegal, and Terrel did that to Prichard, which resulted in him slipping into a coma, after which this boxer took a break of two years. Let us now see the biography of Terrel.


Biography of Terrel Shawn Williams

Full NameTerrel Shawn Williams
Date of BirthFebruary 16
Year of Birth1984
Famous forBoxing, he took up coaching later.
InstagramHe doesn’t have an Instagram account.
SubscribersThis boxer doesn’t have a YouTube channel too, thus no subscribers.
Net Worth$5 million.
AgeTerrel is 39 years old as per 2023
HeightThe boxer’s height is 6 Feet

Summary of Terrel Williams net worth

The net worth of this boxer is $5 million. However, some discrepancies are not revealed due to the lawsuit against him. This lawsuit is estimated at $50 million as Prichard requires everyday care.

Terrell’s rabbit punches resulted in a 221-day coma period for Prichard. Terrel paused his boxing career, too, for two years.


What Prichard had to undergo, no one would have excused. What was supposed to be normal boxing in 2015 led to a tragic event that changed Prichard’s life; he is suffering mentally and physically.

On October 17, Terrel gave a rabbit punch to Prichard, which resulted in brain damage and put him into a coma for more than 200 days. As a result of this tragic event, Prichard’s family filed a lawsuit of around $50 million against the boxer. The charges include the costs needed to take care of the Prichard daily.


The punches led to brain bleeding, and as a result, he went into a coma. Due to these charges, Terrel Williams net worth is also not been very specific since then.

Terrel Williams’s boxer wife’s name?

After the legal action taken by Colon’s family, who has yet to heal completely, Terrel took a break for two years from 2017 to 2019. 


Not only are his income details undisclosed, but also about his personal life. Hence, his marital status is not known. If he is dating anyone, it is also unknown.

What was Terrel Wiliiams’ apology?

The illegal actions by Terrel not only landed him in legal trouble but also got him hatred from the boxing fans. As far as our research is concerned, Terrel has not apologized to Prichard publicly. However, he has apologized privately.


He was targeted publicly, and it took him two years after this incident to come back. Though he resumed his career, he again stopped in 2019 and fought only four times during that time. A lawsuit was also filed against Terrel for his actions.

Terrel Williams family 

We have seen Terrel Williams net worth; now let us see the details about his family. This boxer, known for his 2015 fight, was born in Los Angeles. It is, however, unknown regarding his personal life.


No information is available regarding his family or his income. Hence, the readers are requested to come back, as we will update you if we find any details.

Terrel Williams Instagram

This boxer is not known to have any of the social media accounts. Though he is not on Instagram, there is hatred against him almost on every social media platform.


Many fans wished recovery for Prichard and showed hatred for Williams.

Terrel Williams a boxer now?

Regarding the present status of the boxer, he has been off social media and everywhere else since 2019. He resumed for two years in 2017 and later stopped in 2019.


It is unknown if he came back to boxing.

Terrel Williams vs. Prichard Colon

Since 2015, these two names have become known in the boxing industry in America. Rabbit punches, which are considered illegal in the boxing game, were allegedly used by Terrel against Prichard. As a result, it led to bleeding in his brain. 


After the event, a lawsuit was filed, and the damage caused to the Colon requires everyday care, and it is not sure whether Terrel will start boxing again.


What was Terrel Williams net worth?

It is estimated to be around $5 million.


Where is Terrel Williams now?

As he completely shut down from the Internet, his details are unknown.

Is Terrel Williams still fighting?

In 2019, he appeared last for boxing. After that, his whereabouts are unknown.


What did Williams say about Colon?

He said that he prays to God every day for his speedy recovery.

Does Williams have Instagram?

No, he doesn’t have Instagram.




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