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Walgreens Corporate Complaints – [2023]


You may have read up on some of the Walgreens Corporate complaints, which must have filled your mind with thousands of queries and doubts. We are here to ensure that these questions no longer torment you and that you find the answer you have been looking for.

But before we proceed with that, we must know what Walgreens is. It is primarily a store that sells medicines, other health and wellness items, and other stationery products. 


About Walgreens

Before we analyze Walgreens Corporate complaints and positive remarks it has received to assess its scope, we need to divulge its purpose. As mentioned above, the store is known for selling medicine items, skin care, baby care, office items, and more. In other words, it contains everything a person needs to go by. 

The company’s headquarters is located in Illinois, employing thousands of workers. They have almost thousands of stores for which they need well-experienced professionals to help customers. Their growing company almost always needs to hire someone or the other.



  • Purpose: Pharmacy, Skincare, Baby Care, Office items, and more.
  • Career opportunities available: 
Administrative Support
Business and Data Analytics
Facilities and Real Estate
Finance and Accounting
Number7 Beauty Company
Human Resources
Strategizing and developing business
Supply Chain
  • Job alerts are available through the sign-up process.
  • Option for candidates’ feedback available.
  • Contact details: 1-866-967-5492
  • Email ID: corporate.careers@walgreens.com
  • Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn 
  • Distribution Centre address: Anderson, SC 864-222-7300 ;Dayville, CT 860-779-3731 ;Houston, TXb281-821-0161; Jupiter, FL 561-493-7700; Kutztown, PA 610-285-5470; Moreno Valley, CA 951-601-3000; Mount Vernon, IL 618-244-9100; Nazareth, PA 610-614-3000; Orlando, FL 407-859-8202; Pendergrass, GA 706-367-2785; Perrysburg, OH 419-662-4000; Puerto Rico, PR 787-769-5700; Valparaiso, IN 219-759-2535; Waxahachie, TX 972-923-8700; Windsor, WI 608-846-3075; Woodland, CA 530-406-7700

What are the advantages of Walgreens Corporate?

  • Walgreens Corporate offers employment to a large group of people as they have numerous stores all over the globe.
  • It offers employment at different levels and even gives them a scope to learn and grow, despite what some of the Walgreens corporate complaints suggest.
  • Individuals with distinct abilities in different fields can go for jobs as per their talent and capabilities.
  • They believe in creating a workspace that includes people from diversified groups, classes, and communities and has tried to look beyond such differences.
  • They are already known for having some of the most professional service providers, which have made their efforts acknowledged. 
  • Their motto is to not only help people and strengthen the community but also to boost the career of every individual who gets associated with it.
  • Interested candidates can even check out their progress over the years by visiting their “annual reports” section, which contains all the necessary information.
  • Candidates who wish to apply for any job can even give feedback by visiting the official website. 
  • Those who need the right qualifications can opt for the training they provide, such as a pharmacy apprenticeship, which enables individuals to work in that particular field. 

What are some of the disadvantages?

  • There are specific jobs that candidates need to train for and cannot start immediately, dampening the enthusiasm to start working and earning.
  • Candidates shall have to enter their details and job preferences, and then the store shall get back to them in case any job offer is suitable for them, which makes them wait without any assurance or confirmation. 

What are the Walgreens corporate complaints and feedback?

Employees who have worked there or are still working there have many things to say about the place. As our article focuses on the negative feedback received so far, we have gathered comments from different sources to help you assess whether it is the right job. Even though there are no reviews on the official website, some trusted third-party websites are known for providing employees a space to let out their genuine emotions and feelings.

An employee who has been associated with the company for more than a year mentioned that the work period is relatively rigid and demands highly focused attention from the employees. Another current employee stated that even though there are not a lot of negative to reflect upon, the fact that they do not lay many paid leaves is an undeniable factor. 


Another user who has been associated with the company for almost ten years has stated that the company needs to pay more, especially with inflation. He even cites his example, saying that although he started years ago, the salary difference from when he started till now is just a meager amount of two dollars. He further advises the management to stay in flow with the market demands. 

There have been other employees who have shown their discontent with the corporate environment at Walgreens. They have further mentioned that the company does not care about its workers and does not even pay much. Most of the complaints received are about the working hours, which most feel need to be appropriately managed to attain a perfect work-life balance, and about the salary they are being paid, which is less than the working hours. 


Is Walgreens corporate legit?

Given the world popularity of the brand, the physical presence of its stores, not just in one location but in many, stands as proof of it being legit. When it comes to the website and the application process for the different corporate roles, the application process can get too long, but it offers a wide range of employment to numerous people. 

However, considering our research about the workplace environment and analyzing Walgreens corporate complaints and reviews, it is a healthy workplace atmosphere. But there are certain areas the institution needs to work on to make it even more nourishing for the people working under it. 



Walgreens has established numerous stores and centers in different places, which has broadened the scope of employment for many people. There are various sectors, and one can easily find a suitable job based on their qualifications. The process of applying is also relatively easy. Even though there have been some Walgreens corporate complaints, it is also known for providing a rich work culture.

We hope we have offered you all the essential information you were looking for. Please drop your comments in the comments section below. 



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