What happened to Tim Wakefield wife Stacy Stover ? 2023


What happened to Tim Wakefield wife after he passed away recently due to brain cancer. He left over $20 M was his wife Stacy Stover, let’s know what’s she is doing now!

In this article, we will see who Tim is, his achievements, information about his wife, and her biography. This article will also cover what she is currently doing, and towards the end, you will learn about the net worth of this pitcher from America.


Who is Tim Wakefield?

In 1995, Tim started focusing on his career, and he did not stop achieving great heights until 2012, when he retired. He is a professional pitcher and a baseball player. Tim won around 200 games throughout his gaming career. In the 8th round, he was the first batsman during the 1998 Major League Baseball Draft.

Every baseball player has their specialty, as did Tim. Tim was known for a slow-motion sideward moment. Not only did he achieve wins personally, but he is known for playing charitable games. Before we find out What happened to Tim Wakefield wife, let us see his net worth.


Tim Wakefield’s Net worth

Tim started playing Baseball in 1995 and has played for over 19 seasons. Based in Boston, the Boston Red Sox is a baseball club of which Tim was part. The majority of his earnings were earned from this club. The club is presided over by Sam Kennedy, the CEO.

The net worth of Tim is $20 million. He also owns a huge property which is spread across 4.4 acres. The value of this estate is $3.5 million. The given net worth above is his earnings at his death.


Tim Wakefield’s Biography

Full NameTim Stephen Wakefield
Birth YearHe was born in 1966.
Date of BirthTim was born on 2nd August.
Date of DeathOctober 1st 2023
Famous forBaseball
InstagramAround 8,600 people follow his account on Instagram.
SubscribersThe knuckleball player does not have a YouTube account; hence, there are no subscribers.
Zodiac SignAccording to his birth date, Leo is his zodiac sign.
QualificationBachelor in Mechanical Engineering.
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseStacy Stover

Who is Tim Wakefield’s wife?

Let us first see who is Tim’s wife before we find out about What happened to Tim Wakefield wife. His wife’s name is Stacy Wakefield. In November 2002, they both got married. They also have two children. She has always been a supportive wife and helped him through rough times.

In 2004, they both were blessed with a son and the following year, a daughter was born to them. In 2023, Tim got to know that he has cancer. Stacy is also battling cancer, unfortunately. Let us now see the biography of his wife.


Biography of Tim’s wife (Stacy Stover)

Full NameStacy Stover
Place of BirthShe was born in Boston.
Known forStacy is the wife of Tim, who is an American Baseball player.
ProfessionStacy is an author who wrote many books, including Slept in Beds, Not for Rent, etc.
Diagnosed withStacy is also dealing with Pancreatic Cancer.
Net Worth$10 million.
SpouseTim Wakefield
YouTubeShe doesn’t have a YouTube channel, and there aren’t any subscribers.
Social MediaIt is unknown if she is on any of the social media platforms.

What happened to Tim Wakefield wife?

On 1st October, Tim passed away as a result of brain cancer. It wasn’t very long since he was diagnosed. Tim and Stacy have two children, but sadly, even his wife is fighting cancer.

Stacy always praised his husband and how he dealt with his life with their kids and sports life at the same time. She feels awful that he left this world too soon.


Tim Wakefield’s Achievements

1995Tim started his career and he joined the Baseball club.
1997He led the club and, with a pitch, he achieved 16 batters.
2003Tim led the eighth inning in the game.
2008He topped a game while pitching major.
2009Tim won the AL All-Star.
2010He had his 2000th strikeout during this year.
2011Became the oldest player in the Red Sox and also acted in a movie.

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