Who is Radhika Boyfriend Bigg Boss? Networth, Controversies!


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Who is Radhika?

If you are a fan of Telugu Movies, then it would be difficult for you not to know who this actress is. She began her career with a movie that left little mark on audiences but did open up scopes for her. This movie was Bomma Adhirindhi Dhimma Thirigindhi. Her failure to create an impression didn’t hamper her part in establishing herself as a heroine.

Her actual sensational performance was in another movie that came after. The role she portrayed as a police officer was highly admired. This movie was Nenu Student Sir. It brought her appreciation not only from the people but also from that of the critics.


But apart from all that, with the developing interest in her as a person, people are willing to explore who Radhika Boyfriend Bigg Boss, is.


Full NameRadhika Rose
DOB12th October, 1995
Famously known forActing Career in Telugu Industry; Reality star from Bigg Boss
Net WorthUnspecified
RelationshipEx- Boyfriend: Rahul Sipligunj
EducationNalla Malla Reddy Institutions

What did Radhika Do for a living?

Although she has received much attention and has been the target of several conjectures regarding her relationship, she has been known for many. All the negative attention that does not have to do anything with her acting career has been solely for her stint in the Bigg Boss house.


She was seen there as a contestant, which made people even more curious to get an insight into her personal life. This includes Radhika Boyfriend Bigg Boss.

Radhika has been a phenomenal actress who created a space for herself in the Telugu Industry. She paved her way towards the audience’s hearts with her exemplary performances.


Her appearance on The Bigg Boss was also a much-talked-about step that made her a reality star. Thus, she performs as an actor and has even stepped into the world of reality shows. This brought her many accolades along with appreciation.

Who is the current Radhika Boyfriend Bigg Boss?

Celebrities have a general way of concealing their relationships from the outer world. Being in the public eye brings them under the microscope now and then. It becomes difficult for them to get by without being noticed by their fans or the media. As a result, each relationship, especially the romantic ones, is heavily scrutinized.


Similarly, the romantic bonds of Radhika are yet to be unfolded. However, there are some conjectures about her breakup with Rahul Sipligunj. As the actress is highly professional and has devoted most of her life to models, acting, and reality shows, very few in the limelight concern the romantic part of her life.

Who was the ex-boyfriend of Radhika?

As stated above, the actress has been able to hide that part of her life from the media and the audience. However, it grabbed all eyeballs when she entered the Bigg Boss show. On the first premiere episode, the host asked her about it. He specifically asked her how she had been able to manage her way around after the breakup.


It is important to note that no substantial proof exists of their relationship, but people have heard rumors about it. Nonetheless, the actress’s replies clearly showed that she was formerly romantically involved with Rahul Sipligunj.

Have a look at her achievements.

There are no such awards or accolades that can be attributed to them. But her achievements have emerged in the form of her bagging successful roles and shows.

  • Actress in the Telugu Industry
  • Model
  • Appearance in Telugu Comedy show
  • Owner of YouTube channel: Radhika Talks
  • Appearance in Telugu Bigg Boss


She has had a very ordinary career in the chaotic Telugu Film Industry. She has managed to make her way out of controversies. Although there were conjectures about her relationship, there were no controversies surrounding it.

However, she managed to get into it when she stepped into Bigg Boss. The show is infamous for fights. In the same show, she had many fights that caused people to see her in a negative light. She even once mentioned that the industry she belongs to has not given her dues as an established actress.


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