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Zolucky Reviews and Complaints | [2023]


If you have yet to try zolucky, go through the Zolucky reviews and complaints provided here for an in-depth look into what it is and how it can help. This article has enlisted all the platform’s basic features that can help customers further.

We are sure you all love shopping. Girls are wildly obsessed with it and are always looking for suitable sites that offer stylish and trendy outfits. If your quest for the same is still on, this is the place for you.


About Zolucky

Before we read the Zolucky reviews and complaints, we must first know what it is. It is an online shopping platform, especially for women. It caters to a woman’s clothing needs and luxuries and offers shoes, accessories, etc. The products offered are not only the best in quality but also charge less compared to other shopping platforms.

They can also ship their products to more than a hundred countries, making it easy for customers worldwide to access them easily. Its collection includes shirts, tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, tunics, leggings, and more. 



  • Started in 2019
  • Purpose: e-commerce site
  • Collection: Shirts, Tops, T-shirts, Leggings, Hoodies, Shoes, etc.
  • Targeted Customers: Exclusively Women
  • Free shipping on products over 79$ available
  • Ships to over 100 countries
  • Processing Time: 1 to 2 days
  • Shipping time: 8 to 14 days
  • Returns accepted within 30 days of delivery
  • Live chat available
  • Offers 10% off for new users only
  • 70% clearance sale going on
  • 18% discount available for registration 
  • Coupon codes for a bargain – FREE, NY80, NY40
  • Contact details: unavailable
  • Email address: not found
  • Address: undisclosed
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

What are the benefits of the platform?

  • It offers all types of women’s clothing, apparel, and accessories in one place.
  • Customers can even avail of free shopping after buying products worth more than 69$.
  • They accept returns and exchanges, unlike many e-commerce websites.
  • They offer various promo codes time-to-time.
  • The products are available at very affordable costs.

What are the disadvantages of the website?

  • It has limited its products to women only, and people may opt for stores where they can find products for all family members in one place.
  • It takes more than ten days to shop for the product.
  • Customers can only get in touch with the website in case of emergency or need it through live chat.

What are the Zolucky reviews and complaints?

To know the reviews by the customers, we visited various social media platforms on which it is available. After going through it and experiencing the website ourselves, we can conclude that it is authentic. However, certain drawbacks Zolucky reviews and complaints have affected its reputation to a great extent.

Even though this platform is available on social media, there needs to be more customer interaction. However, the few comments it has received are negative and seldom positive. But one must consider that the site is authentic as it delivers products. 


However, certain aspects, such as quality and return or exchange process, have put the customers in a lot of trouble. One customer has emphasized that the site does not take returns or exchanges after product delivery. Another customer has remarked that even after sending the platform emails regarding the return of a product, it has yet to respond, and their money is stuck now.

Other customers have stressed that no one should buy from the site and even have termed it a scam and are busy deceiving people. Positive feedback could not be found anywhere.


Is Zolucky a legit platform?

Given our investigation of the website and considering our experience, this online shop must not be opted for. The numerous Zolucky reviews and complaints we have gathered from various social media platforms denote their product’s poor quality and need to be paid for. Many people have faced issues with returns and refunds, and their emails for customer support have also been noticed and ignored. 

Therefore, even though the website delivers products, they could be better quality. When it comes to the site’s functionality, it can be considered legit, but in terms of performance, it cannot be trusted. Those who want good quality products should stay away from this online shop.



Zolucky is a shopping platform for women and offers a wide variety of clothing, apparel, and accessories. However, Zolucky reviews and complaints testify to its inefficiency in providing good material products. We hope our study helped and gave you the information you were looking for. Please drop your comments in the section below. 



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