Balance of Nature Customer Complaints [July 2023]


Today we are discussing a website that deals with nutritional supplements to cope with current health issues. In this article, our primary focal point is Balance of Nature customer complaints to understand the usefulness of this brand. The products are 100% natural and free from chemicals. Their products are made of veggies, fruits, fiber, and spices to improve daily health issues.

The product is based in the United States and began with a commitment to combat the lack of nutritional value in our everyday diet. Dr. Howards, the brand’s founder, is concerned about the increasing endemic of lifestyle diseases. After long research, he developed this brand to help others to get a healthy lifestyle. These products are safe for all age groups and body types, from kids to elderly ones. 


These fruits and vegetable supplements also allow you to enjoy natural ingredients like capsules. This website claims your body will get an adequate amount of nourishment which will help you fight against many internal health issues. Our article has carefully explored each detail of this brand to give an honest review.

What is the Balance of nature?

Balance of Nature provides a consistent and reliable way to ensure you get the needed number of veggies and fruits daily. They use their advanced cold vacuum process to preserve vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from the main ingredients. These products can be valuable for a balanced lifestyle within your busy schedule. 


They sell their products in two forms, one-time purchase or can subscribe for the long term, and you can save up to 33% on your total amount. We are adding a complete chart of their products for better acknowledgment:

Product NamesTypesPriceBenefitsUsage direction
Balance of Nature Fruits and VeggiesBlend of 16 whole fruits & 15 whole veggies$ 70 for both subscriptions and one-time purchaseNatural food nutrients, pure, potent plant power3 capsules daily
Balances of Nature Fibre and spicesBlend of fibre and 12 spices$ 50 for both subscription and one-time purchaseBowel regulations, Phytonutrients improve the digestive system2 scoops daily

Balance of Nature Whole Health System bestselling combo is available at $ 110, where you can save $ 10 on this entire package.



Preferred customer membership with $ 25, you can add at the time of check out:

  • Health coach availability
  • Guaranteed discount on products for the lifetime
  • The charge is for one time only

Now we will focus on the specifications to know this website better. Also, we are narrating advantages and disadvantages to see its worth to its customers. Do read Balance of Nature customer complaints in the below section.



  • Contact: Live chat support is available. Also, you can create a support ticket, Mon – Fri between 8 am – 5 pm.
  • Email: Not found
  • Number: (800) 246-8751
  • Address: Not Mentioned
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Shipping: Shipping is free on all orders. 
  • Type of website: Nutritional Supplement
  • Return Policy: For the first order, only return is available within 30 days, and to exchange damaged products, we can contact customer care.
  • Money back policy: 30 days of money back guarantee 
  • Payment options: Online and cards


As is evident from the above-given information, the following are the advantages of the website:

  • Offers a healthy and nutritious diet supplement per customers’ needs.
  • It provides Vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to improve our body’s digestive system.
  • Chalks out a detailed plan for training and dietary supplements.  
  • Guidance from health coaches is available. 
  • Usage safety for all age groups added a positive point.
  • Easy payment method to get access to the products.


There are some drawbacks that people often ignore out of desperation to get a healthy life in these busy everyday schedules. The complete study on Balance of Nature customer complaints reminds us to use this site carefully. A few points are mentioned below.

  • Nutrient supplements might be challenging to implement without knowing their side effects.
  • We must consult a health expert before using such products.
  • Sometimes, It may not be suitable for all body types.

Latest Balance of Nature customer complaints

Customers gave their honest reviews on many websites regarding this website. Users put forward their experiences faced with this brand. Users added positive feedback, but most users have gone through many issues. 

Few customers are delighted with the products as they help to improve their health issues.


Customers claimed this company is rude and has no consideration towards their subscribers. Instead of holding the subscription for two months, the site charged for the products, and after requesting plenty of times, they refused to refund the amount. They addressed the founder to look into this serious matter. 

Users also added that BoN is a Scam. After canceling the subscription, they deducted the money from the account. Customer care also didn’t support it when registering the complaint. 


Few buyers found the price a bit high. Negative remarks also changed their mind. One customer marked the site as a terrible liar, as fruits and veggies can’t be crushed and put into a pill. So there is a question about the quality of the products this brand provides. Here we tried to summarise the whole Balance of Nature customer complaintsbut most user comments were found to be mixed type only.

Can we trust Balance of Nature?

After a detailed discussion about this website and its products, you must carefully check all the details and proceed with this brand. Supplements can create many issues in your body if not taken with the proper guidance; before making up, your mind, consult your health advisor and use these products. 


If you are under any medication, these products may interact with them and affect your health. This brand has a good rating in online marketplaces like Amazon, so you can grab these products after following the usage guidelines.


Balance of nature is a website that provides essential nutrients to our body to heal it from the inside. It offers supplements, health consultancy, and more. Our article has given you enough materials about Balance of Nature customer complaints to decide whether to use it.


We look forward to your feedback and responses. Please drop your comments in the comments section. 

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