BTRoblox | Chrome, Firefox & Edge Extentions (Updates)


Roblox is one of the most played online games, with over 6 billion accounts. Here we will talk about BTRoblox, which enhances your gameplay. But is the latest updates and is it for all operating system, or what is the configuration required? We will let you know in this article.

Also, we will let you know how to download and perform the correct settings to get high graphics and smooth motion movement during your gameplay. We have also included some latest promocodes so that our readers can redeem them for gaming benefits.


Roblox & Robux

Before proceeding towards the topics, we want to discuss new information on Roblox and Robux. As we know, millions of fans play it and eagerly want Robux to upgrade, update or buy Avatar, outfits, head gears, or in-game benefits.

To get Robux, fans sometimes try an alternate way to get it without hard work: via the generator. Many websites offer not only Robux but other benefits and ask to take verification, including downloading a random app, watching videos, and taking the quiz. 


But most of the time, they didn’t get any benefits even after completing the tasks, which depicts that such platforms are nothing but a marketing gimmick. We know some websites are legit and offer free Robux, but it is hard to identify them. But here on this website, you will get a lot of information.

So, we will suggest keeping any details private from any website which is not trusted, although providing a gaming username won’t cause you.


BTRoblox – In detail

BTR, which is also a known name to it, is a plugin that Antiboomz designs. The main motive of this plugin is to provide the best user experience, updated interface, and new functionality to the players while Roblox gameplay. So far, the extension is available to both Chrome, MS Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, but the Chrome extension is quite popular due to the more significant number of users.

Earlier, the developers updated the plugin and fixed the issues. Many users noted that the plugin was crashing while using the chat option, and the audio suddenly stopped working due to the older version of mismatch compatibility. The developers keep updating the plugin and announce it on Twitter about it.


 Features of updated BTRoblox

  • Themes available in multiple colors
  • Night Theme is also available
  • Actual life price of the items available
  • Now fans can download the Roblox audio from the audio library

Contact Developer via mail:

How to use BTRoblox?

Follow the below simple process:

  • Visit the Chrome Webstore
  • Search it and install the plugin and pin it on the taskbar
  • Now sign in with your working username & password
  • Then, you will get multiple options of games; choose one and start playing it
  • For the first time, users will need to install the .exe file, which will auto-pop up during your first installation
  • Developers can use the “Create” button to develop the game using Roblox Studio.

To download the plugin, use the CRX downloader plugin from the Chrome Webstore. It can be used to download extensions for Firefox also.

BTR or Roblox Plus?

As we have mentioned all the details on BTRoblox, let’s check out the features and how it differs from BTR.


Roblox plus is also a plugin that WebGL3D, an independent developer, develops and used to provide other benefits like:

  • Provide information for different gamer servers for players
  • Alert you when the limited items are available
  • You can edit or remove the players from your friend list
  • Players can check their follower’s list

You can also follow their Twitter or Notifier account for more information and updates.



Thus, the plugins give add-on benefits that offer flexibility to navigate options like managing friend lists, follow-ups, item updates, servers, changing themes, and many more. We hope you liked our informative article; comment below and share your experience.

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