Cheap hotels hub legit – I am not sure, but? 2024


Is Cheap Hotels Hub legit? On many public platforms, it has received mixed reactions from customers with average ratings.

Several hotels work along with Cheap Hotels Hub to provide effective room services to customers. They are well-designed and well-maintained, which makes it easy to find a way to book the room of the customer’s dreams.


About Cheap Hotels Hub

  • Cheap Hotels Hub is a gateway for securing a luxurious room where one can experience a cozy retreat, a trip with friends, or a business stay. 
  • The hotels guaranteed through Cheap Hotels Hub commit to providing quality and convenience to the customers by redefining their traveling experience with unparalleled hospitality experience.
  • The hub aims to provide its customers an experience that will become a cherished memory for every stay. 
  • It has a user-friendly site, and it gives meticulous attention to small details. The firm is famous for making the experience of booking a room a customized one. 
  • They make use of intuitive user interfaces and responsive customer service.
  • Their objective is to give the customers a memorable and relaxing weekend, vacation, or business trip. Though they have a positive and sound, is Cheap Hotels Hub legitimate?


  • Purpose: To provide customers with a fantastic experience in the hotels of their choice and preferences.
  • Contact Number: The hub has yet to update its contact number on the website. 
  • Email ID: 
  • Address: 459 Columbus Ave Unit #1040, New York, NY 10024, USA.
  • Social Media: The customers can contact the hub via social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Discount offers: The website seeks to unearth exclusive or last-minute offers that aren’t available anywhere else. It is stated that rates are as much as 60% less than average. 
  • Website origin date: 13-08-2023


  • By utilizing various distribution methods, the website may discover unique, time-limited deals that aren’t readily noticeable on large hotel/OTA websites. These do occasionally provide significant savings.
  • Browsing alternatives without being distracted by the primary search and filter features is simple. Travelers on a tight budget might take advantage of this simple strategy.
  • Good feedback suggests that customer support responds quickly to problems via phone, email, or live chat. They will endeavor to address issues proactively.
  • The more reservations made through Cheap Hotels Hub’s platform over time, the more points are accrued for future discounts through their Elite reward program.


  • The “savings” might disappear if hidden fees or non-refundable policies are in the fine print. A lack of clarity encourages people to compare prices.
  • With fewer backup alternatives in case your preferred option isn’t accessible, Cheap Hotels Hub’s network is less than those of industry leaders like Expedia or, which have millions of listings worldwide.

What are the feedbacks?

Positive feedbacks

  • A customer commented, “Easy to book, and the rooms are available at good prices.”
  • Happy with the stay, a customer wrote, “The platform was easily manageable, and the rooms are well maintained.”

Negative feedbacks

  • Customer care is not worth it; as a customer wrote, “No confirmation mail was sent even after a paid booking was made.
  • Hotels hub is a fraud as they charged me even though they didn’t book any room for me,”- a customer wrote.
  • After deducting fees and taxes, rates aren’t less expensive than making a direct reservation or using a larger OTA.
  • More frequently than not, hotels were situated in unfavorable areas far from the city cores.

Is Cheap Hotels Hub legit?

After examining all available data and our investigation of the Cheap Hotels Hubwebsite, it has been observed that Cheap Hotels Hub is most likely a SCAM that should be avoided when making online reservations. Although not conclusive evidence, risk indicators such as:

  • ownership of a corporation that is anonymous
  • Unverified email addresses
  • Platform with technical issues
  • overall, lousy client experiences
  • Tight no-refund guidelines significantly benefitted the company over tourists and triggered several fraud alerts.


Is Cheap Hotels Hub legit? The answer to this answer, unfortunately, is negative. The hub received 1.4 stars out of 5 in Trustpilot. Ultimately, a thorough examination of Cheap Hotels Hub presents a complex picture that calls into question the company’s claim to be a fully accredited online travel agency.


When tourists consider the possibility of finding reasonably priced lodging, careful investigation and judgment are required. The story of Cheap Hotels Hub, filled with low-ball promises, is set against a background of red flags and legitimate worries that won’t go away. 

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