Is Blue Pillow Legit – Cancellation can be done only by?


Is blue pillow legit, and can you rely on it? Let us look at this service provider in this article. If you love to go on vacations or are busy going on international trips for business, then you can try this site, which provides accommodation.

While there might be 5-star hotels with good food when you are away from home, feeling the presence of the home is something that all of us crave; let us see if this site will satisfy you with its services by analyzing the feedback its users gave. We will also see if it is legit, so let us begin.


What is blue pillow?

If you are looking for a site that can help you find your stay when you are away from home with different choices and at a lower price, then blue pillow is the site for you that does just that. The site will give you accommodation, and you can rent your space as well.

Is blue pillow legit or not will be covered in the coming section of the article, and this webpage has an option to subscribe too, where you can activate and there is 0% commission whenever you book. Let us see what are the other options available on this webpage.


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  • List your place – by clicking on this, the users can lease their place and earn a 100% commission.
  • Customized website – If you are interested in renting your place, then the website allows you to create your website, which can be customized as per your choice, and you can promote your business there.
  • Channel Manager – You can take up the role of the Channel Manager as through this site, you can advertise your lease on Online Travel Agencies, thus easing your leasing process.
  • Booking Engine – if you are a subscriber, then you can access this option, which will lower your fees for booking and increase the conversion rate.


  • Email ID –
  • Contact Number – +39 3899332348
  • Blog – you can read their articles by clicking on this option.
  • Newsletter – the readers can subscribe to their newsletter and get all the latest updates along with some deals.
  • Press Review – by clicking on this, the users can find the papers they were mentioned.
  • Career – you can find a career here, and according to their website, they prefer youngsters who live in Milan and can speak English.
  • Social media – Instagram, Facebook, and X.
  • FAQ – the users can better understand the site by reading the FAQs on their site.
  • Address – Porta Ticinese, Milan

To know – Is blue pillow legit or not, let us see the drawbacks and benefits along with the rating of the site.



  • Users can easily choose their vacation accommodations using this site, which provides you with more than 10M places for accommodation.
  • The site also helps you find careers like Growth Hacker, SEM Specialist, etc.
  • You can even rent your place with the help of this site.
  • A special feature for customizing your site when you rent is also available.
  • The users can get 100% commission when they lease.


  • The users might have to pay fees that few partners will charge.
  • You will not get any confirmation from the site when a booking is confirmed.
  • Cancelation of a booking cannot be done using the site; the users need to contact the partner.
  • There might be uploading errors because the price shown on the partner’s site and Blue Pillow might vary.

How to cancel a booking?

While each of our comfort zones and preferences varies, there might be situations where we might not like what we booked for our stay while traveling, and hence, we prefer to cancel and choose a new place.

The users cannot cancel a booking or make any modifications using this site directly; they will be redirected to the partner site, where they can cancel or change their booking.


What are the bluepillow feedbacks?

Positive feedback

  • One of the users gave it five stars, appreciated the site’s easy navigation, and even liked the prices.
  • Another user stated that the booking was easy and had no hidden circumstances.
  • All the amenities shown on the site were available where the user booked, which is what he stated.
  • The site was beneficial and time-saving, which another user mentioned in his feedback.
  • A traveler found a great suite through this webpage.

Negative feedback

  • A user faced difficulty in getting the hotel he wanted.
  • Another user mentioned that the site showed “you just missed this” whenever they clicked on the booking place.
  • The prices were found incorrect by one of the customers.
  • The customer service is poor, according to what another customer reviewed.
  • It always redirects to expensive rooms, which a user stated.

Is Blue Pillow legit?

According to our research, the site mentions all the requisite details about the site, and they are also active on social media. On Trust Pilot, the site got 3.3 out of 5 stars, and their service is above average. Some users loved their bookings and were satisfied.

On the other hand, some customers aren’t happy. But the customer service may or may not fulfill your needs. Hence, it is legit.



As we come to the end of the article, we hope the readers gained valuable insights and got the answer to Is blue pillow legit? Though the site is safe to use, the customers might not always be satisfied.

Hence, if it is something you could try, you can book yours now. We hope you liked our article; please don’t forget to rate us.


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