Crystal Kung Minkoff Net Worth – Rob Minkoff, Lion King’s Director?


Crystal Kung Minkoff Net worth is over $30 million, she is famous on American television and renowned for her role on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She is the first female actress that is Asian-American on the show. Her husband is Rob Minkoff.

Many people are proud of her achievements as he is an industrialist and a television actor.


What is the current Crystal Kung Minkoff net worth?

Her business ventures and acting roles have contributed to her $30 million net worth. By 2023, the average net worth will be $30 million, while her fortune will be close to $1 million.


Biography of Crystal Kung

NameCrystal Kung
D.O.B.4/02/1983, Los Angeles
ProfessionTelevision actor and entrepreneur
SpouseRob Minkoff (Film director)
Children2 (Max and Zoe Minkoff)
Notable ProjectsCo-founder of Real Coco, a coconut-based beverage company
Claim to FameCast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Crystal Kung Minkoff workout plan for a healthy life

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About her fitness and health

Crystalis dedicated to her fitness and health; she has been reluctant to express her eating disorder. But, she disclosed that she is recovering from bulimia. It is difficult to understand the eating disorder until one goes through it. To recover from the eating disorder, bulimia, she has worked a lot. After facing a lot of problems while shooting scenes that are related to food or parties.

Who is the husband of Crystal Kung Minkoff

Rob Minkoff is a famous director in America. He is renowned in the Industry of motion and animation pictures. He got his degree from Palo Alto High School. He worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he started being involved in animation. Several Disney animated masterpieces, such as “The Great Mouse Detective,” benefited from his contributions.


Robert Ralph Minkoff bio

NameRobert Ralph Minkoff
D.O.B.11 August, 1962
ProfessionScreenwriter, animator, producer, and Director.
Notable Works“The Lion King” (1994), “Stuart Little” (1999), “The Haunted Mansion” (2003)
Place of BirthPalo Alto, California, USA
EducationPalo Alto High School

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

She is famous for her business endeavors, particularly in the drinks and food sector. She is the founder of Real Coco. The company sells products containing coconut.

Products made with real coco are frequently touted as natural and devoid of artificial additives or preservatives.   The brand has increased its product lines and distribution under her direction. She has promoted and increased awareness of the brand and its products using her public platform.


Early Life and Background

She was born to a scholarly family, where her father is an oral surgeon. Jeffrey Kung, who is a known artist, is her sibling. She is very knowledgeable as she has graduated in biology and has even studied culinary arts.

Additional Information on Crystal Kung Minkoff

In addition, with her position to promote diversity and inclusion in the media and entertainment sector, especially concerning Asian-American visibility.


Crystal has participated in charitable endeavors and has utilized her platform to promote numerous causes. Initiatives addressing social, health, and educational challenges have her support.

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Net Worth in Comparison to Others

In comparison, we found that she and her husband have 30 million USD as net worth. Another American star, Sarah Winchester, has a much lower net worth than Crystal, which is 15 m USD. Similarly, Lauri Waring Peterson’s net worth is low at 20 m USD.



Thus, Crystal Kung is a famous entrepreneur and star in America. Even though she has health issues, she does not let them affect her commitments and tries to overcome them. She tries to lead a healthy and prosperous life.


Are Crystal and Rob still together?

Yes. Both are a married couple.


Who is Crystal’s husband?

Her husband is an artist known by the name of Rob Minkoff.

Why did Crystal Minkoff lose so many friends?

Because they talked behind her back.


Has Rob Minkoff been married before?

No, he has only been married once.

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