Peeyush Bansal net worth | $15 Million, Not Just Lenskart?


What is Peeyush Bansal net worth? More than millions, but do you know apart from Lenskart he has invested in more than 100 small/large businesses?

As many of you may know, Lenskart designs affordable yet stylish frames and glasses for all age groups. Nobody knew the face behind this brand till Peeyush Bansal, the company’s director, appeared as one of the sharks in Season 1 of Shark Tank India. It is an entrepreneurial show that calls small business owners to pitch their businesses and get assistance from the respective judges.


This entrepreneur has been seen widely talking about the necessary steps to change society and give it back to the people with innovative ideas. Peeyush practices what he preaches and has been seen providing backing to similar businesses. After this show, the star became known for his soft words and kind heart. At the show’s end, he was one of the Sharks who invested in many projects as an angel investor. The show gave him a platform to reach out to the audience about his true self, after which Bansal has been seen in many television shows and Lenskart commercials.

Bio (Peeyush Bansal net worth)

Full namePeeyush Bansal
Date of birth26 April 1985
Peeyush Bansal net worth600 crores
FamilyWife and son
EducationGraduated from McGill University
Famous forBusiness man
SpouseNidhi Mitthal

What are his other businesses?

This investor is an Angel investor to forty-four businesses. Peeyush has been a board member in businesses like Le Petite Lunetier. After Lenskart, Peeyush started parent brands like watch kart, bagkart, Jewelkart, and many other businesses. Bhansal owns a significant share in Ownsday. Peeyush has invested in more than 44 start-ups and made them grow. These are as follows: 

  • Zippie
  • Ll’ Goodness 
  • Sugar cosmetics
  • AAS Vidyalaya
  • Daily objects 
  • Isak Fragrances 
  • Haqdarshak 
  • Jugadu Kamlesh 

How rich is Peyush Bansal?

  • After audiences got to know the Peeyush Bansal net worthand his significant investment in multiple businesses, we surely understand the reader’s urge to know this entrepreneur’s lifestyle and the properties Bansal has owned till today. 
  • He earns more than millions in a year. After starting as an entrepreneur in Vayloo, Peeyush collaborated with two other business people to form Lenskart, and after a year, it was worth more than $15 million company. After successfully establishing the marketplace, they started to open new outlets, which are currently 1500 throughout India.
  • Bansal also invested in many lifestyle brands that are the largest selling apparel, like American Swan. In an interview, Bansal stated that most of his income comes from the salary Bansal gets from his company.
  • Peeyush has a collection of luxurious cars that includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and many more. Bansal’s newly bought house had made headlines in many leading papers as he bought 18 crores with property in Delhi’s upscale Neeti Bagh Area. The entire area of the house is approximately 467.9 sq m.
  • According to the reports, the owner has given one crore for the stamp duty. The house is fully furnished and has all the necessary amenities inside it. Only his garage costs around 1.79 crore.

How does Peyush Bansal earn money?

  • As per the reports, the majority of his earnings come from the salary that he receives from his company. Apart from that, Bansal has invested in many start-ups and high-end brands, which have a good turnover today. 
  • This shark is the one the audiences have praised for providing high investment to the pitchers on the show, even in businesses like Jugadu Kamlesh. This entrepreneur won hearts in season 3 by offering a blank cheque to electric car owners. 
  • As per the reports, Peeyush has bought many properties. Shark Peeyush has charged 7 Lakh per episode from the Shark Tank show. He has invested in firms like Loka, Ario, Annie, and Vivalfy. Bhansal has increased his wealth by providing investments in multiple business ventures.

Who is the new CEO of Lenskart?

At this point, Peeyush resides as the CEO of Lenskart. Since the beginning of the company, it has not yet changed. The company was founded in the year 2010. Since then, the company has had many outlets all over India, and it is available on many online retailers’ applications. 

It is one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands. After establishing a massive market in eyewear, the brand started making bags and wristwatch


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