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There has been increasing awareness in the wellness industry, and consequently, there are many uprising trainers who are making sure that people are leading fit and healthy lives. One such trainer is Deepesh Bhat. We will get to know more about him in this article.

Who is Deepesh Bhatt, aka Shivoham?

Deepesh Bhatt, known as Shivoham, is a famous fitness trainer who works with celebrities, athletes, and thousands of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. He also created the “Transform with Shiv’ 21-day challenge,” which became popular during the Covid shutdown, concentrating on CrossFit training, which combines the best elements of the sport of gymnastics, weightlifting, sprinting, and kayaking, as well as cardiovascular exercise, core, and freestyle exercises.



  • Full name- Deepesh Bhatt
  • Famous for He is a physical wellness trainer known for teaching Bollywood celebs.
  • Net worth- $1.3 million
  • Relationship- Married to Vrinda Mehta
  • Education- His educational qualifications are not mentioned anywhere.

What did Deepesh do for a living?

He moved to Melbourne to pursue a career as an animator. He did it for a year before comprehending it wasn’t what he wanted to do. Before becoming a Fitness First sales representative, he had small jobs, including sales, dishwashing, floor cleaning, and telemarketing.

Shivoham was brought on the following year to run the gym’s Indian division. The two most important aspects of the job were sales and personal training. He already had sales experience and desired to learn more about personal fitness training, so the club instructed him.


Who is Deepesh’s Wife?

Vrinda Mehta has over 20 years of expertise in the fitness industry. She is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach who believes health and fitness are inseparable from happiness. Shivoham’s wife is Vrinda. Vrinda is a Celebrity Life Coach. She is a Yogic Psychotherapy and Chakra Healing coach specializing in Manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

She co-leads a ShivFit program with Shivoham and is in charge of the 3-hour mind workshop discussing the power of mind, thought, and strength. She concentrates on teaching people how to use their minds to imagine any part of their lives in whatever way they wish. People may learn from Vrinda’s class that everyone is unique and that comparison is pointless. 


Which Bollywood celebs were trained by Deepesh, aka Shivoham, for fitness?

Shivoham has trained Aamir Khan’s bodily modifications for Dhoom 3, Talaash, Laal Singh Chaddha, and many other movies. He has worked with celebrities such as Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, and Arjun Kapoor and is currently working with Ranbir Kapoor.

Early Life

Deepesh was earlier interested in swimming and had participated in many competitions. As he grew, his interest shifted to exercise. He was introduced to gyming at an early age. However, he moved to Melbourne to do animation. Later, he realized that animation was not his interest. He changed many jobs, from cleaning dishes to sales. 


Shivoham was recruited to manage the gym’s Indian division the following year. Two essential works were involved in the work, namely, sales and personal training. He was experienced in sales. To learn more about other exercises, he expressed a desire to know about personal training and was coached for personal training by the gym.

Later, he planned to come to India and introduce CrossFit to help others exercise and become fit.



He started swimming at the age of 5. At eleven, he participated in nationals and many other competitions. He swam in many different competitions and won, too. I was the water polo captain and have also won college tournaments. So, somewhere, sports were a part of my life to a considerable extent.

Deepesh also authored a book called “The ShivFit Way,”. The book serves as a user guide for all the exercise programs Shivoham prescribes. His inspiration for writing the book is to help people live a healthy and satisfying life with mental health within its ambit. 


Shivoham’s accomplishments include being the first CrossFit coach in India and founding the first CrossFit box in India. He never engaged in any controversies.


Who is Shivoham?

Shivoham is the nickname of Deepesh Bhatt. He is a celebrity fitness trainer.


What was the name of Shivoham in early life?

The name of Deepesh Bhatt earlier was Shivoham.

Who is the gym trainer of Ranbir Kapoor?

Deepesh Bhatt, aka Shivoham, is the fitness trainer of Ranbir Kapoor


Who is the wife of trainer Shivoham?

Vrinda Mehta is the wife of Shivoham. She is also a fitness trainer. She also focuses on keeping a strong mind.

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