Geetha Saraswathi Serial Actress – [2023]


Who is Geetha Saraswathi serial actress. There must be a lot of you wondering who is this actress who is acting in the serial. Read all about their personal and professional life

We shall see what all projects she worked on, her upcoming projects, and if she is involved in any controversies. We will also see what role she played in the serial and if she is working, which will also be covered in this article. So let us begin by seeing what the serial is about and the role played. 


Name of Geetha Saraswathi serial actress 

The actress worked in the serial named – Priyamani Thozi. The meaning of this serial is a lovable female friend. The serial has recently completed 300 episodes. This serial is cast on the popular Tamil channel – Sun TV.

The serial Priyamani Thozi is directed and written by P. Selvam. The serial has an exciting storyline between a boy and a girl who enjoy their friendship. However, things take a turn, and the girl marries another boy. There is also a murderer involved in the serial. 


There are evil eyes cast upon the friendship between the girl and boy in this serial. Geetha Saraswathi serial actress in this serial plays a character in the supporting cast. This actress is also acting in another serial, Oru Orla Oru Rajakumari. The actress’s name in the serial is Shenbakavally. 

Shenbakavall’s Career

  • Let us now see about the career of the actress. She has acted in serials; apart from serials, she worked even in the movie Ghajinikanth.
  • The film was released in 2018 with lead actors Arya and Sayyeshaa. 
  • Geetha Saraswathi played the role of the mother of the character – Gayathri in the movie.
  • The actress is also acting in two serials. One of them is Priyamani Thozi, a supporting cast with other actors.
  • She worked in another serial known as Oru Orla Oru Rajakumari. As mentioned above, Geetha Saraswathi serial actress name in that serial is Shenbakavally. 

Biography of the actress

Name of the actressGeetha Saraswathi
CareerShe is an actress who has acted in a movie. She even acts in Tamil serials.
SpouseThe serial actress is married, and his husband has also acted in Malayalam films.
ChildrenShe has a son named Chanakya known by his serial name Arun in the serial Ethirneechal.
Debut MovieThe name of the debut movie of the serial actress is Ghajinikanth.
SerialsShe acted in two serials, Priyamani Thozi, and Oru Orla Oru Rajakumari.

Upcoming Projects

  • The actress is not only acting in serials, but she has even acted in a movie released in 2018 named Ghajinikanth.
  • She worked in two serials in which she played a supporting case, and in the other one, she played the role of Shenbakavally.
  • Her latest project involved her playing the character of Shenbakavally in the serial Oru Orla Oru Rajakumari.
  • This serial was also started in the same year the movie was released, in 2018. This serial revolves around a girl who is kind-hearted and enjoys helping people.
  • Eventually, in this serial, she faces trouble during the time of her marriage. We will update you if there are any other upcoming projects of the Geetha Saraswathi serial actress.


We have seen that Geetha Saraswathi is not only a serial actress who is acting in two serials but is also an actress who has worked alongside Sayyesha and actor Arya in the movie Ghajanikanth which was released in the year 2018.


Her family is acting as her husband has also worked in Malayalam movies, and her son – Chanakya, known as Arun, is in the serial Ethirneechal. She is a supporting mother as well as a wife.

We did not find any controversies against the serial actress. However, if we find any, we will be updating this article.




In this article, we saw about Geetha Saraswathi serial actress. The readers must have insights into her biography, including details about her son and husband.


We also saw the details about the movie she acted in and the serials cast on Sun TV and Zee Tamil. We hope the readers got helpful information, do give us your comments and star ratings below.

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