Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu Pdf Download [ 2023]


Get the Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download file below. Many people would prefer to read or listen to the ashtothram and different religious chants for various purposes, among which the main reason is to attain peace of mind.

With the advent of technology, everything is handy and can be obtained quickly. You can get this ashtothram even in the Telugu language. Continue reading this article to learn more about the ashtothram and how it benefits humans.


In this article, we will find out the meaning of the ashtothram and the benefits that one can avail of after reading the same by downloading it in the Telugu language.

Understand First – Varahi Ashtothram?

Let us try to understand the meaning of this by splitting it into two – Varahi and Ashtothram. Varahi is the name of a goddess who is otherwise known as Devi. Varahi Ashtothram is the name of Varahi Devi, which is 108 in number. 


The readers must be wondering who exactly the goddess is. Let us see. You can even read by getting Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download. 

Varahi Devi is one of the seven mothers. The goddess is also the companion of Varaha, who is also worshipped as lord by many. He is in the form of a boar and is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Now the readers must be wondering what ashtothram means. Let us see.


The word is a Telugu origin word, and it means concerted names. It consists of a total of 108 names. The characters can be either the God or the goddess. The ashtothram that is being discussed in the present article is of a goddess who is a devi. 

Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download can be quickly done. If you prefer to read it in Telugu or if your mother tongue is Telugu, you can download it in the language you are comfortable with or in the language you prefer.


Hence, Varahi Ashtothram is a collective set of hundred and eight names of the Varahi Devi. Now the readers must be pondering where one can find the ashtothram. We will be covering that in the subsequent paragraph.

Most of you must be aware of what is Mahabharata or Ramayana. These are considered to be epics, and there are even Puranas. Hence, in the epics like Mahabharata and Puranas, you can find this set of 108 names of either the goddess or of the God.


We will now see the benefits of Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download.

What are the benefits of Varahi Ashtothram?

Let us now see what are the prime advantages one has on reading this. Many readers who are devotees do it out of pure devotion, and it is because of the same reason they believe that God will bless them abundantly and believe in the receiving of its benefits. Let us see what they are – 

  • The readers must be well-known for what is known as evil eyes. Reciting the ashtotram is believed to nullify the effect of the evil eyes that others cast on us.
  • Many devotees look for success in life, and one of the benefits of reading will make them successful.
  • There might be people who are afraid of black practice who deem it unacceptable or a practice opposed to ethics, and reading this will benefit the devotees by protecting them against it.
  • Hard-working people look forward to recognition and, name, fame. Reading this will bless them with recognition.
  • Everyone who prays will plead the God to protect him from infirmities or diseases, and one of the benefits of reading this is it will protect you from all diseases.
  • Few people believe in the existence of their enemies and would pray that it doesn’t affect them. Reading Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download or any language the readers prefer will protect them from their enemies.

Varahi Ashtothram in Telugu pdf download 

These are a few of the benefits of reading the ashtothram. This can be read by downloading it, and you can prefer to do it in any language you are comfortable with. We have even covered the benefits that you will gain after reciting it.


Thus, we hope you found this article helpful, and we look forward to your insights.

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