WWICS Reviews – Based On 100+ Reviews [2023]


Read the latest WWICS Reviews. If you are an immigrant looking forward to consultancy services, you must visit their web page to exploit them.

In this article, we shall see what this company does and the specifications. If you are thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of using their services, do not worry; we have that covered for you. Continue reading this article to know more, including their reviews.


What is WWICS?

WWICS stands for World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services. It provides consultancy to its users of all types and functions through its web page and offices in different locations. They also cover areas of citizenship laws, including immigration.

At various national and international locations, they cater their services. If you’re looking for help to work with your visa from Australia or the United Kingdom, among other countries, they even provide you with helpline numbers to avail of their services. We will look into WWICS Reviews shortly.


How to use their website?

  • Ensure you are connected to a proper device with good internet speed.
  • Open your browser and go to their website.
  • As you open their web page, you will find a dashboard showing you various services they provide like visas, Green cards in the USA, permits related to work, the assistance provided to the clients, etc.
  • If any of the services you are looking for is given, then all you have to do is click on it, and it’ll guide you further accordingly. 

You can even visit their offices. We will even see about the WWICS Reviews.


  • Privacy Policy – An elaborative privacy policy is given on their web page.
  • Contact Number – you can contact them through the given number – 01726663600. 
  • Office – they have about 25 offices at different locations.
  • Headquarters – in Punjab in Mohali, which is the Asian one, whereas the international headquarters is located in Dubai.
  • Email id – you can mail them at info@wwicsgroup.com
  • Services Provided – consultancy, visa-related, landing services – before and after, business immigration, etc.
  • Terms and Conditions – they are given on the web page.
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Feedback – the web page also provides an option of giving your feedback about their services.
  • Blogs – the site also has another feature: blogs that will update you.
  • Terms and Conditions – the terms and conditions are also mentioned on the web page.


  • This webpage is a one-time platform for your problems related to visas and immigration, among other services they offer.
  • They provide the users with even helpline numbers.
  • If the customers want to contact them, then they can do so via email id or phone number.
  • They function even physically through offices that are located in 25 different locations.
  • Essential policies that are to be pursued by the users are also given.
  • They even have careers and a blog page on the site.


  • Personal information is bound to be collected using their web page.
  • You cannot make Payment to the web page through any third party, and you must make it online only.
  • Users will not be liable if any loss is caused while using their debit card.
  • While using the website, if any failure occurs while making a transaction, you will claim no damages from the website.

Is WWICS legit?

Are you waiting for the WWICS Reviews? Then wait up; we will reach it in a while. But before that, what about the site’s legitimacy? The services that the consultancy company provides sound promising. The web page also provides each operating company’s address and contact details.


The web page has all the requisite details and contact details and allows customers to give feedback. They even provide the users with a complaint cell where the unsatisfied users can share their grievances.

This resettlement agency even displays testimonials on its platform; hence, they are legit.


WWICS Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • A user has successfully received his work permit in Canada by availing of WWICS’s services.
  • Another user has given a 5-star rating for customer support from this company.
  • Another user got his immigration services resolved and has also provided a five-star rating.

Negative Reviews

  • A user has given a one-star rating as he reviewed, stating that he paid money but was yet to finish his work.
  • Another user also has yet to get a proper response from the team. 


This was all about WWICS; now it’s your time to decide when you need to approach them. We hope you gained helpful insights from this article. Remember to give us your comments.

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