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Srividya Serial Actress in the Ethirneechal Serial [2023]


If you are wondering who is Srividya serial actress in the Ethirneechal serial, is, then get to gear yourself up, as in this article we will see who is she, we will also look into the serial she acts in.

In this article, we will cover different aspects like her role, details about her career, her bio, where you will get to know about her spouse, and her future projects, including her full name. So let us get started.


Name of Srividya, serial actress in the Ethirneechal serial

The readers must know who is Srividya, an actress in the serial. But aren’t you all pondering what her serial name could be? It is not sure whether the actor has acted in this particular serial, but she has written dialogues for the same and continues writing. She is also the executive producer of this serial.

Aarthi is the role played by the actress in this TV drama series that was first played before the audience on 7Th February 2022. This serial is a TV series that revolves around a woman who is married into an autocratic family. However, the role that the actress plays is a positive one.


The career of the actress

  • The first film in which the actress debuted is Un Idaththil Ennai Kuduthen. She was offered an actress role for the first time in standard four.
  • Though she was interested, she could not convince her father as he was unsure if she could act at such an early period of her life; later, he was convinced.
  • Srividya serial actress in the Ethirneechal serial, is also the dialogue writer of the serial. She has acted in nearly twenty-five serials, including a few movies to her credit.
  • Currently, she is working in the serial known as Thendral.
  • What is more fascinating is that her stage name – Charu- surprised many of her fans as she played a negative role where; few of her fans even criticized her.
  • She even acted in Kolangal, where she further rose to popularity. Her talent for writing dialogues has won her a lot of admirers.

Biography of the actress – 

If you want to know more details about her, then let us now see the biography of Srividya serial actress in the Ethirneechal serial – 

Name of the actressSrividhya
CareerShe is an Actress, Dialogue Writer, and Scriptwriter. She is also an entrepreneur.
Place of BirthShe was born in Chennai
Debut MovieUn Idaththil Ennai Kuduthen
StudiesCurrently, she is pursuing MBA at Anna University, Guindy, Tamil Nadu
SpouseKanawar Narayanan
FamilyThe actress was born into a Brahmin family that was also orthodox in nature
NicknameThe nickname of Srividya is Aarthi. A lot of her fans know her through that name.
ChildrenShe married his cousin after which they had a child and took a break for a while.

She has also acted with actress Jyothika and her husband Surya, Ramya Krishnan, among other noteworthy actresses. These are a few details about Srividya serial actress in the Ethirneechal serial.


Upcoming Projects

  • The actress has worked hard and is now a scriptwriter and a dialogue writer. The dialogues for the serial Ethirneechal have a massive fan base, and she has gained recognition. 
  • She was talented as a dancer but has shifted her focus to acting and has since acted in various films and serials. Apart from Tamil Movies, she has also worked in Malayalam. She has played a negative role, for which she even received criticism, but she is found to be taking both positive and negative reviews.
  • Her upcoming project is to continue being the dialogue writer for the serial. The serial has around four hundred and thirty-five episodes so far. In her upcoming project in the serial, she will continue being the executive producer.
  • She also intends to work as a scriptwriter for the serial Kantisheel.


  • Srividya, a multi-talented woman, has carved a niche in the Tamil industry through films and serials. She is a hard-working woman who is married and also has a child. She also finds time from her busy schedule to pursue MBA in Chennai.

As of now, we have not found any controversies about Srividya. However, we request the readers to come back and update the article if we find any. Do give us your comments.  



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