Is Earn Haus Legit | What is the process? [Jan-2024]


Is Earn Haus legit? This is a question that has been in people’s minds for a long time. The simplicity and the feasibility it confers on users have rather fanned the fire of eagerness to check out the site and even the doubts that exist.

Therefore, we have provided all the essential details of the site in an organized manner for our readers. It will help them decipher whether they should go for it. 


What is earn haus?

On this platform, users from all across the globe can find a feasible medium of getting rewards without having to toil too hard. This site asks its users to take up several surveys and assessments and provides them with timely payments. It is important to note here that the topic of each survey can differ.

As the topics are varied and do not focus on a single area, users get to enjoy the process as well. To sum up, there is no need for the users to put forth new ideas but to express their honest opinions about the things being asked.


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  • Purpose: To offer users from different walks of life with several surveys and assessments.
  • Website origin date: 2021-03-26
  • Last date of update: 2023-03-27
  • Contact details: Not available
  • Email ID: Not accessible
  • Address: Not found
  • Social media: No links detected

How does it work?

To connect with the platform and to be able to proceed through it, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • Visit the main page and click on the “sign in” option available at the top of the page.
  • Users can use their phone number or email address to set up their account.
  • After doing so, go back to the official page and click on “Start earning.”
  • You will be provided with a few surveys, and you can choose one to start with. Once you do so, you will be provided one survey that you have to answer per your viewpoints.


  • It has offered a simple, easy, and quick way of get cash by only filling out surveys. The process is simple and easy to navigate.
  • The surveys you will be offered do not belong to a certain topic. Rather, they focus on broad areas, which keeps things interesting for many.
  • It has a very simple layout, which keeps it user-friendly for all and also makes setting up an account easy.
  • They offer different modes of payment which are reliable. You can receive all your payments through these mediums. 


  • It is offering rewards but user will fell that such platform that lacks authentic details has raised several doubts and concerns.
  • You cannot find any contact details, email addresses, or social media links on the platform.

What are the user reviews?

We have provided a detailed review of the website in this article. For this purpose, we have analyzed the honest user feedback available on different sources such as Trustpilot. We have even categorized each comment into positive and negative for our readers below:

Positive feedback:

  • One user stated that he has no expectations of receiving any payment but after trying it out, he received the payment at the end.
  • Another participant mentioned that the site not only allows users to take part in surveys but also gets them connected to relevant assessments. The payment is also quick and occurs within two days.
  • One more user mentioned how easy it was to set up his account and link his PayPal, which allowed him to receive his payment within a shorter period.

Negative feedback:

  • Some participants have mentioned that the surveys are not very interesting, and they even charge to carry out the payment.
  • One user stated that the surveys are too long and take up too much time. However, the payment they offer is not befitting for the long hours one would contribute.
  • Some users have completed the surveys but have not received any rewards or have had their payments delayed.

Is Earn Haus legit?

After contemplating all the data available and going through all the details we have collected, it is evident that the site is illegitimate. The reasons for this verdict are as follows:

  • You cannot find any contact details or social media links for the same.
  • There is no authentic information available about the website.
  • It demands money to make payments, which can even get delayed at times. Therefore, we request our readers to refrain from using it.


Hence, even after receiving 4.1-star ratings on Trustpilot, it has failed to be termed as legitimate or trustworthy. This is due to the nature of the website and the lack of transparency with the participants that it practices. Therefore, readers should not opt for it, and even if they do, they should be very cautious while doing so.

We hope our review was helpful, and we await your feedback in the comments section below. 


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