Is reality Shifting real? Beware From This Reality! [July 2023]


If we say you can go to a dreaming reality from the current one, will you believe it? Today’s article asks, “is reality shifting real?” Through this process, you can shift to any reality you want to. You often think about moving to another world where you can live differently per your wish.

You always think about how to experience a new life in another different Reality. With your consciousness, you can make a few tiny decisions and movements to shift from the current reality to the fantasy one. This process seems fictional, but actually, you can apply it to yourself and try to move. This reality shifting is trending through the TikTok application, and most people are also trying it out.


In this article, we are shedding light on all the processes and their authenticity and will see how this can be applied to ourselves and can come to the conclusion of the question, “Is Reality Shifting real?”

What is reality shifting? 

Reality shifting is shifting your conscious mind to another world or another reality. You are living in one dimension, but many parallel existences are available. You can follow a few rituals to shift your mind into your imaginary world. You can do this in both states, awake and sleeping.

  • Raven method: In this method, you have to meditate for a few minutes, do the position of a starfish, start counting from 1, and focus on your mind to shift.
  • Pillow method: This process includes a scripted story. The script must consist of your wishes and the place you want to read the whole writing carefully and note in your mind and go to bed. You will shift to another existence during your sleep.

Is Fictional shifting possible?

Yes, fictional shifting is also possible. Your shifted world will be the same as you live in this world, but you will notice a few changes you want to make in that dimension. You can touch and smell everything like this world. You can also add fictional changes as per your need or wish. 

Is reality shifting real?

It is difficult to say if it is real because we need to explain precisely how it works. Every mind works differently and according to the owner of the mind. In TikTok, many showed their experiences through reels to show us they are shifting reality but exactly how it will work on you that you have to decide. 


We all are living beings and have responsibilities in this current world. It is difficult to say how this shifting reality will help you get your wished dimension. After a few moments, you must return to the current reality, which might be complex or pleasant. 

It needs to be clarified to stay in your fantasy dimension where you can wait for lifelong, so it would be better to be in your current world and fulfil your dreams and responsibilities in this world.



After exploring the complete detail, we now have the answer to the question, “Is reality shifting real?” It is totally up to you how to lead your life. If you want a fictional life, then you can try this way to be in your imaginary dimension. You can enjoy both dimensions and place-specific changes in that mythical dimension. It can help you to heal current issues, and you can come back with a fresh mind and boost your energy to face the new challenges in this present reality.

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