| Live NBA, NFL & More (Is it Safe?) [2023]


If you are a sports enthusiast, then can make your dream of watching your beloved sports live. Do you want to know how? If so, then this article is here to help you out. We are sure it’ll be challenging to get rid of once you get hooked on it. 

But to know and enjoy the features of this site, we must first get acquainted with it. This article has tried to cover all the characteristics that can assist you in exploring the platform further so do read the full information.


What is

Sports is one thing that brings people closer together, and this platform has put it to execution by not only offering you a place to watch your favorite sports live but also allowing them to watch a variety of sports anytime, anywhere. You can watch anything from football, baseball, basketball, MMA, etc.

A few years ago, the platform’s primary focus was on the United States and the games played therein. However, as the platform grew, it expanded its horizon and started focusing on the games played around the globe. Moreover, the fact that it offers free sports streaming has further motivated a large crowd to hop on it. 


Features for Premium Subscriber (multiple servers)

  • NBA, NFL, NHL (Nationals)
  • F1
  • Moto GP
  • Cricket (County/internationals)
  • Football (League/club matches)
  • UFC Live & more


  • Games are available for all at any time users want.
  • Offers live-streaming of games for users all across the globe.
  • Games: football, baseball, basketball, MMA, etc.
  • Charges: No subscription is required
  • Use VPN in areas where the platform is restricted.
  • Unavailability of social media handles.
  • Contact details and address are not available.

Steps to use

The steps are simple:

  • Visit the website, and remember to use VPN if the platform is not accessible
  • Sign up and make a profile to unlock all the features
  • Choose the program from the category and visit the page
  • Then click any of the servers available; you can also refer to other servers and check which is working correctly
  • Although they also have a premium version where you can unlock other sports live to stream.


  • As mentioned above, you can watch your favorite games and your favorite players, love and get the real vibe of the games. 
  • It has expanded the boundaries and connected people with global sports.
  • It can be logged into, and games are easily accessible and readily available.
  • Users can find all the relevant details and information about a particular sport.
  • Take advantage of major or minor sporting events at all costs.


  • The fact that it is restricted in some areas has dampened users’ enthusiasm in these areas.
  • The website’s structure needs to be more professional and look more professional.
  • The channels it connects to do not authorize it; thus, it can be considered illegal.
  • No social media handle or contact detail can help users connect to the site in case they need help.
  • No customer review is available, which could have helped users trust the website.

Is the website legit?

Analyzing the points stated above and taking reference from our own experience of the website, we can say that although this website looks suspicious, there is no harm in trying it out. Firstly, does not ask for personal details or credentials that might risk user privacy. Secondly, it does not ask for any payment and has prevented the risk of financial loss. 


The fact that it is unavailable in some areas. Even though VPN can be used in these areas, it is better to refrain from using it. Additionally, the fact that it connects users to specific sports channels can land the website, which might not be fit for the viewers.

What is the viewer’s feedback?

Regardless of what suggests, there are no reviews available, but we have found few discussions on it over public forums where viewers are satisfied with this website. Even though the third-party websites have reviewed it and have put their opinions, these websites are like an open platform to provide a live stream to all sports lovers.



We know you all dream of watching your favorite sports live. Although has provided all the necessary features to facilitate it, it still needs clarification about its legitimacy. Users are therefore advised to practice caution if they opt for it. We hope our review of the website helped you, and we would like to know your feedback in the comments section below. 

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