Rbx Land | Giveaways, Robux & Promocodes [2023]


How to get Robux from Rbx land? This website is dedicated to providing players with Robux, hourly giveaways, and many surprises.

From the obtained rewards you can add new characters, outfits, wears and more things that can improve the game’s fun. This method will also help them to skip the Roblox store where the ite ms are expensive and sometimes not possible to get it all at one time.


About Rbx land 

This website collects Robux, gift cards, and promo codes. It is yet another Robux producer website that includes referral points and hourly giveaways. With time and repeated visits, the popularity of this website has increased. Users get Robux from it only after completing an online survey. 

Users receive a message while playing the game after responding to the survey that will allow them to access the rewards. We went into great detail with each section of this website.



  • Website launched: 2020
  • Social media/help: Discord
  • The website also does not contain the email address, address, or social media platform details which can offer some assurance to the users. 
  • The user must use a Discord server through an invitation link to join it. 
  • Offers: Runs on a promotional basis.
  • Giveaways: Uses can participate in their live video gameplay and special events.
  • Referrals: This website allows users to get Robux on a referral basis; refer this site to your friends and win.
  • Challenges: Complete the task, take the survey or take the challenge to get Robux. It depends on the visitors and the challenge of how much they can get from Robux.

How to use Robux?

  • In your browser, log into your account. 
  • Go to the code redemption page.
  • Enter your code in the given box.
  • Click and redeem
  • The user will receive a success message and the credits in her account.
  • Click on “use credit” to use the credits. 

How to get Robux from this website?

The steps to get Robux from the website have been given here in an organized manner:

  •  Users first have to visit the websiteRbx land using any random username.
  • Then, they must select the device they use to access the website.
  • A page will appear showing you multiple tasks ranked per difficulty level and Robux rewards.
  • Choose any of those options and complete the task, including downloading any gaming app, playing for a specific time, or watching any full video.
  • Then the collected Robux will be allotted to you in your profile which you can get by providing the server IP in your Roblox profile.


  • Users only need to take a survey to obtain the free Robux.
  • Users do not have to endure a time-consuming process to acquire the surprises, which might enhance gamers’ gaming experiences.
  • The whole process is allocated with Robux as per the difficulty level.


  • The website requests user responses to a survey and needs to be more authentic.
  • Issues during collecting Robux from the new method.

Is this website safe?

It raises suspicion and doubts about the website’s legitimacy because it is a third-party website, although to get Robux, you have to participate in the survey. Roblox players also comment on this, which is a positive sign. 


What are the user reviews?

Since the Rbx land only functions well on a few devices, it is challenging to obtain reviews about it. Additionally, one needs reliable sources from which to get all the information. However, a few reviews from various online sources stated that this website is a hoax that does not function correctly and can damage computers. But only some users use this platform for a thriving collection of Robux.


Thus, by reviewing the user feedback and the working pattern of the website, you can try Rbx land because it only asks for a username. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


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