Lulu Mall Lucknow Reviews | Complaints & Reviews [2023]


Let’s discuss Lulu mall Lucknow reviews. Everyone in their life has once visited the mall. People go to the mall in their leisure time. People go there either to have fun or to buy things. There are a lot of malls, one of them is the Lulu mall. 

We’ll discuss the mall’s specifications, reviews, advantages, and disadvantages. 


About Lulu mall, Lucknow

It is positioned on NH-27, the Lucknow Sultanpur toll road, a 4-lane toll road on Amar Shaheed direction with a carrier avenue with the mall. The mall includes shops of each worldwide and country-wide brand. Customers come to the mall to shop for matters from those brands. These manufacturers aren’t found in any different department stores or shops. There are a whole lot of manufacturers there, and that is a big consumer enchantment.

There is a big attraction for customers in the mall that is the cinema hall. Now and then, a newly launched film is shown in this cinema to draw as many clients as possible. Cinema is a substantial sales generator for department stores and is well constructed so that the clients come mainly to look at a film in this mall.


There is a meal courtroom of 1600 seats and an extensive variety of eating alternatives. Customers are greater pulled in the direction of the mall as many alternatives are provided. Customers can devour any delicacies they might need to devour. And even the meals courtroom is so massive that many clients can devour meals from there at once.

There is an exceptionally advanced traffic management system within the parking of Lulu mall; it additionally has a multiple-stage vehicle park without delay linked to distinctive tiers of the mall. Even the parking facility of this mall is so advanced. This mall is an aggregate of different enjoyment regions for clients. And It is a massive consumer enchantment spot.


The mall gives such a lot of interesting products and services it is difficult for clients to deny. Further, we’ll talk about the Lulu mall Lucknow reviews by the customers.


  • Contact – 0522-3539001
  • Email-
  • Address – Lulu India Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd, Sushant Golf City IBB-2T-5, Shaheed Path Lucknow – 226030. U.P
  • Social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook 


  • This mall contains different brand stores, which pulls a lot of customers. 
  • This mall includes a cinema for customers to watch movies.
  • A food court is also present in the mall, with different dining options. 
  • There is an advanced parking facility in the mall.


  • The mall is overcrowded. 
  • You have to walk too much to get to your wished room.
  • Parking cost in Lulu mall is 20 rupees per hour.
  • The money spent here will be double the value of that product. You can buy the same product at Flipkart or amazon with a 50% discount.
  • The staff at the mall is not alert and responsible.

What are Lulu mall Lucknow reviews?

We found several feedback from customers. Some customers said that it’s like a dream place for them; they wished they could showcase their small handmade products business. Others said that it’s the biggest and most beautiful mall in UP. 


It has more than 200 outlets with one of the best hypermarkets. These were some positive reviews of the mall by the customers. The staff typically picks customers who can give them cash tips after they do the bagging of items. 

If they see you as someone who cannot provide a cash tip, they will leave you bagging your things at the counter. The customer service could be better there. If you have ordered something from any shop in the mall, the delivery will never be on time. There’s yet to be a response, and no confirmation from the mall. 


Hence, we can say there were some negative reviews about the mall. Lulu mall Lucknow reviews are both positive and negative. 

Is Lulu mall in Lucknow better than others?

Per the customer’s reviews and independent opinion, there is enough proof to prove it is a one-stop for all your needs. We have gone through the reviews and about the Lulu mall in quite a detail. No suspicious activities are going on in the mall.


Customers and visitors are pleased with the mall and its entertainment facilities. It is a complete mall, giving people many job opportunities. It’s an excellent place for people to work and has a good work culture. This mall is good for employees as well as customers. 


The article Lulu mall Lucknow reviews concludes that the mall is significant, with a good ambiance and many brands for the customers. It’s a great place to visit with your family and friends. We hope you liked the article. 


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