Lume Deodorant Reviews | Based on 100+ Users [2023]


Do read this article on the product Lume deodorant reviews and then decided its worhtiness. In today’s world, every person, whether man or woman, doesn’t go out without wearing deodorant. Deodorant makes you feel good about yourself and confident. It hides the body odor that is due to sweating. 

Further in the article, we will discuss the specifications, pros, and cons of the Lume deodorant product. 


What is Lume deodorant?

Everyone in their everyday life requires deodorant. Everyone likes to smell, so deodorant removes the odor, and your whole body smells good. You’ll feel confident and won’t hesitate to talk to people if you smell good. 

Lume deodorant is a product that does the exact role of making you smell good. Other deodorants have chemicals, but this product guarantees that it doesn’t have any chemicals that would harm the skin in any way. 


It also guarantees that, like other deodorants, it will not fade away within an hour or so. It has a long-lasting effect. It can remain on a person’s body for 3 days, a lot compared to other deodorants also it has different fragrances, like coconut crush, cucumber melon, pink peony, lavender sage, sandalwood citrus, clean tangerine, and warm vanilla deodorants. Each scent has its unique essence, which makes it beautiful and different. 

Both the Original Cream and Solid Stick formulations of Lume Deodorant are aluminum-free. Consequently, they’re now no longer an antiperspirant. Sweating is herbal and vital, but it does not need to result in odor! While Lume includes components that assist in soaking up wetness, it no longer saves you perspiration.


It is a body roll that can also be used in your private areas. It would not harm the skin, even sensitive areas, either. It just controls the smell and fills your body with fragrance.


  • Product – deodorant 
  • Types – coconut crush, cucumber melon, pink peony, lavender sage, sandalwood citrus, clean tangerine, and warm vanilla deodorants.
  • Discount – 20% discount is provided for the customers 
  • Price – 14.99$
  • Country of origin – this item will be imported from the US.
  • Shipping – Free shipping over 25$
  • Affiliate program – all detailed information will be provided once you’re an approved publisher by CJ.
  • Contact – Live chat available. 


  • Helps cover body odor 
  • Makes you feel confident 
  • Makes you feel good about yourself 
  • Long lasting 
  • Have many unique fragrances


  • A bit expensive 
  • Not easily available 

What are Lume deodorant reviews?

User reviews are essential to a product’s or website’s branding and marketing. In addition, they contribute to developing faith and loyalty by expressing what makes your products unique. Our analysis revealed hundreds of Lume deodorant reviews from various customers. Some gave positive feedback, and some gave negative ones. 


We found that many customers are delighted with this product and have given positive feedback. Many customers have said it is precisely the deodorant they have wanted for a long time. Also, users have applauded its quality compared to other deodorants in the market. Their shipping and delivery services have also been commended. 

Teenagers are going crazy about this product as they can have it all the time in their pocket as it is pocket friendly. All the customers have rated it 5 stars on their official website.


There are positive and negative reviews about this product. Customers did not like the fragrance of the deodorant. The customer’s review is that the deodorant does not stop the odor but is just for fragrance. 

Is Lume deodorant product legit?

Customer reviews prove the legitimacy of a brand. Lume Deodorant reviews customer have proved that the website is legit and the product is worth buying. This brand has been in business for quite some time. This brand’s product has helped customers with extreme body odor suppress the smell and make themselves smell good.


No wrong activities are going on, on this website. They have a sense of responsibility towards their customers. As they immediately respond to their emails and queries. They even provide a refund if there’s something wrong with the product. 

Their website is full of information about the brand and the product, and you can find all the types of these products and their prices with all the information about each deodorant’s fragrance. Moreover, the brand is on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, they often post information about new offers and future discounts.



We hope you liked our article- Lume deodorant reviews. If you love to use different unique fragrances but always need help finding the suitable one, be it for work or other reasons, this product is perfect for you. It would be best if you gave it a try to see for yourself the magic of magnificent fragrances that’ll make you feel good. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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