Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA | 2023


This article will help you know about Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA. It was founded in 1993, and the main aim of its formation is to engage youth and motivate them to work towards a sustainable future. You can contact them either online or by directly visiting them.

It is an initiative by the state government of Odisha. By the end of this article, you will get details about the recruitment procedure, the vacant posts, and the details regarding contacting the organization. We will also see the advantages of this program, so let us begin.


What is the Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA?

It is a non-governmental organization that started operating in 1993. Many Organizations work towards building a viable future, and this organization’s main motto is also the same. Education at both primary and secondary levels is the primary focus of this scheme.

 They plan to achieve this by guiding and supervising primary education, especially in Bhubaneshwar in India. The allocation of funding for the growth of these sectors has been done considering the resources that the State has made available for the education sector and the support provided by the Central Government under various programs.


Latest recruitment 2023 notifications

Let us know the newest recruitment under the Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA. The latest recruitment under this program happened on September 13, 2023. Interested candidates can apply by October 10, 2023. 

The latest post that was open for recruitment was for that of the junior teacher. The eligibility criteria are divided into two categories: the first covers 1st to 5th class, and the second covers 6th to 8th standard:

  • A two-year diploma, along with graduation, is the first qualification to be held by the candidates.
  • They must secure at least 50% marks in B.Ed. and Post Graduation or Graduation.
  • A minimum of 45% complies with the Regulations given for graduation.
  • They must also have a bachelor’s for four years in elementary.

While these are the qualifications needed for the Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA, let us now see the types of posts and the number of posts.

A total of twenty thousand posts are available under this scheme, and there are different types, too, which are mentioned as follows –


Since the primary aim of this program is to look after education, the primary type of job available is that of Junior Teacher is further divided into two types:

  1. In the first type, the post is given to those teaching from the first to the fifth standard.
  2. The second type is from the 6th to the 8th class.

How to log in?

By following the steps given below, you can log in to Odisha School Education Programme Authority OSEPA –

  • Firstly, ensure your device has a stable net connection to avoid interruption.
  • Go to their portal, and you will find an option that says, “Login.”
  • Click on it, and it will ask you to enter details.
  • Keep your username and password handy and enter them on the portal. 
  • The website shows a code you must enter and click the login option.

The users can also click on forgot password to reset their credentials. 

How to fill up the form?

  • Go to their website, and on the home page, you will find an option about the latest notification.
  • You will find it highlighted and click on it to complete the form. 
  • Before filling out the form, the applicants must register and have valid credentials. 
  • Since there are two parts, based on the candidates’ preference, they can choose and fill it accordingly. 

What is the toll-free number of Osepa?

The following number is provided on their website, which interested people can contact for any queries – 1800 3456722. It has been activated since October.


From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., it will be operational, and they will address the grievances of both the parents and students.

What is the function of Osepa?

Any government in a country would think about its citizens, and it is believed that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens; with a similar intention, this scheme was started to provide education in schools.


The primary function is to employ teachers who will teach and mend the students in a suitable way that sets an example for future generations.

What are the outcomes of Osepa learning?

The following are the outcomes of this operation – 

  • The way the students are taught plays a crucial role in their mindset development, and the curriculum taught by teachers is set in such a manner that aids in their sustainable thinking.
  • It also promotes the proper learning system among the students and sets them on the right path.
  • It establishes equity and equality.
  • Not only the students but the teachers are benefited as they are given employment through this.

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