Pooph Reviews | Mixed Feedbacks, But? [APR-2024]


Here’s an article about the latest Pooph reviews given by the customers. The pooph is a pet odor eliminator. People who have pets can use this product to eliminate the smell from pets.

Below is provided information: specifications, reviews, pros, and cons. Read the article to know the product in a detailed manner. 


What is pooph?

This product helps to remove the smell from pets. It is natural, odorless, and colorless. People with pets have many problems with the odor of the pet and urine. They can use pooph to remove that smell from all the pets and the smell from the urine. Pooph can be used on all types of surfaces.

It is stainless. While using this product, keep in my mind not to spray this product on your skin or clothes. This product is harmless; it won’t affect the pet’s skin in any way. This product is natural, so it does not affect the pet’s skin in any way.


The smell usually comes from the pet when they are sick, and they have a natural smell that can be removed with the help of pooph. This is a beneficial product for removing the smell. You can use it when guests visit your home so that there’s no smell in the house. It can be used on the smell that is present due to organic products.

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  • Color – this product is colorless and stainless.
  • Price – 29.99$
  • Form – spray
  • Uses – removing odor 
  • Brand – pooph 
  • Units – 64fl Oz


  • This product removes the smell from the product.
  • It removes odor from surfaces too.
  • Pooph is a nontoxic product. 
  • It is not harmful to pets.


  • It’s an expensive product. 
  • The product is not safe.
  • It’s a suspicious product. 

What are Pooph reviews?

Negative remarks:

  • Customers are not happy with the product. The product is not worth buying as it is expensive and does not fulfill its purpose. Pets are getting aggressive after applying the product, and the product’s smell is annoying. The product is causing trouble to the pets. It is causing odor rather than removing it. 
  • Customers are not at all satisfied with the product. The product they bought to make their life easier is causing even more trouble to them and their pets. One of the customers even faced the issue of allergy. The product can be improved.
  • The product is not worth buying. It doesn’t remove the odor atoll. It’s a waste of money, so avoiding this product is better. Save your money by not buying this product. 

Positive remarks:

  • The product works well. It eliminates the odor without leaving any stain from the spray.
  • People loved this product as it cannot just remove the pets’ smell but also the stink on other surfaces.
  • It has no side effects on pets.
  • It’s a cheap product that works magically on pets and surfaces. 

Whether Pooph is legit or not?

People have pointed out some side effects of this product, but some liked the product very much. Now it’s upon the users whether they want to buy this product because the Pooph reviews are mixed.

By the way what we measure though the customer reviews is that its not a quality product. However, few of them found it working as per the price, so in the end we can say that do buy only after getting confirmation.



The article “Pooph reviews” concludes that the product is legit, but there are many negative opinions from the users. People claim that it’s not worth buying and don’t work. So, in the end, we would like to say that it depends on your luck whether this product would suit you or not.

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