What is Sanju Basayya Age, Networth & Relatioships (2024)


What is Sanju Basayya age? The Zee Kannada Vahini, which is an entertainment channel, airs many serials and shows, and one of the famous comedian-actors is Sanju Basayya.

In this article, we will see his age, biography, and marriage life details. This article will also cover If he previously had a girlfriend. This article will cover if he is involved in any controversies, so let us begin.


Who is Sanju Basayya?

As mentioned, he is a comedian and an actor in the Sandalwood industry. He rose to fame with the Khiladigalu show on the famous Kannada entertainment channel – Zee Kannada. Are you wondering what is Sanju Basayya age? Then don’t worry, as we will see that soon.

He also has his performances uploaded on YouTube. You can even find him on the famous social media platform Instagram, with around 140K followers, and he has a lot of fans appreciating him for his acting skills. Let us now see his biography.

Sanju Basayya with family at temple


Full nameSanju Bassaya
NationalitySanju is an Indian
Place of BirthHe was born in Muragoda.
SpouseThis comedian was recently married to Pallavi Bellary.
Date of BirthThe actor was born on July 30
CareerHe is a comedian and an actor by profession.
Social MediaYou can find him on Instagram. He is on Facebook too.
MoviesHe acted in movies like Yajamana, Click, etc.
NicknamesHe is also known as Chilli Basaya, Kulla Mindri.

While we cannot ascertain Sanju Basayya age precisely as only his birthdate is known and not the year, let us see what he did to earn his livelihood in the coming section.

What did Sanju Basayya do for a living?

Sanju Basayya is a comedian as well as an actor. Born in Belgaum, he has even acted in short films and reality shows. Khiladigalu, aired on Zee Kannada, is the comedy reality show through which he earned fame. It is a show where comedians showcase their talent in front of the judges, and Sanju is one of those who act before the judges.


He even acted in different films in the sandalwood industry. This actor has earned a name and fame even in YouTube short films. Initially, he used to work in theatre companies. He also acts in a few dramas. Coming to Sanju Basayya age, his birthday is on July 30.

Who is Sanju Basayya wife?

The actor used to work in theatres initially, where he met Pallavi Bellary, an actress who has acted in many short films on YouTube and is currently still acting. Sanju and Pallavi were initially friends, and they fell in love.


Taking their relationship to the next level, they married each other and happily continued their careers. Many fans adore the couple, and the readers can witness the same on his Instagram profile.

Who was the ex-girlfriend of Sanju Basayya?

While readers might be curious to know Sanju Basayya age, we are going to see something even more interesting about who was this comedian’s ex-girlfriend. There were many rumours regarding the actor and Pallavi, who was also an artist, and both of them met in a theatre.Putting all the rumours to rest, the comedian announced his marriage to Pallavi, and as far as our research is concerned, he doesn’t have an ex-girlfriend. He had a long-time girlfriend for 7 to 8 years with whom he got married.



This actor in the Sandalwood industry has been recognized with the comedy reality show Khiladigalu. He even acts in YouTube short films and has worked in other movies like Yajamana.

Other names like Kulla Mindri also know him. He has many fans following on the popular social media app – Instagram.



According to our research, we found that there are no controversies in which this actor is involved. There were only rumours about his relationship but no controversies about him.

We request readers to come back anyway, as we will update this article if we find any controversies about the actor.



Is Sanju Basayya married?

Yes, he is married to Pallavi Bellary, whom he has known for the past eight years.

What is Sanju Basayya age?

The exact age is unknown; however, his birthday is July 30.


With which show he gained popularity?

Khiladigalu is a comedy-realty show in which he gained fame.

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