Sapna Vyas Patel | Daughter of a BJP Member?


How did Sapna Vyas Patel lose more than 30 kg within a year? What influential diet chart is she following? Get all the complete details about her personal life, BF, and lots more.

Sapna is a massive name in the YouTube community whose content has directed her users toward a healthy lifestyle. In her videos, she talks about workout diets and other necessary lifestyle changes to help you build your life more confidently. 


Who is Sapna Vyas Patel? 

  • A certified health coach who has a channel known as OnlyMyHealth. The YouTuber gave us excellent tips and tricks and a sustainable diet plan.
  • In her videos, she talks about grooming yourself and getting a healthy lifestyle free from diseases. 
  • Apart from that, she is the daughter of the Health minister of Ahmedabad and Reebok’s official trainer. 
  • Sapnahas kept her weight loss journey and lifestyle on the public platform. The transformation is worth looking at, and it has inspired many. 
  • The video gets thousands of views, sometimes of it getting uploaded. Currently, Sapna has 6.46 lakh subscribers. 
  • She also provides consultation and personalized plans for the clients after they book their appointments through the given information on social media platforms. 
  • The YouTube channel is said to have inspired many with motivational videos and blogs from clients nationwide, podcasts, yoga, and workout tutorials. Now, anyone can learn about it from the comfort of their home.
  • In their video, they call many doctors to talk about the ongoing scenario of diseases, the health insurance scheme, available facilities, and everything we need regularly. 
  • The reviews from the clients who consulted Sapna Vyas have entirely changed their lives and made them more confident, which was understood from the testimonials on their online channels. 

Biography of Sapna Vyas Patel

Full nameSapna Vyas Patel
Date of BirthNovember 10 1989
Weight55 kg
Famous forFashion, health, YouTube blogger
Subscribers6.46 Lakh
Networth10-20 lakh per month

Early life/YouTube life

  • Sapna Vyas Patel belongs to a reputed family and belongs to a political background.
  • As a child, she put on weight, and because of this, Sapna was bullied all her life. However, after her graduation, she transferred herself into a model. 
  • Sapna vyas is a certified health coach and a fashion model. Coming from a significant background, Sapna achieved her own goal with utmost dedication all by herself. 
  • She started her journey as a YouTuber, describing how she transferred her life and taking us a sneak peek through her journey. 
  • Daily diets and homemade recipes that are simple and sustainable attracted many viewers. 
  • Sapna has flagged her name in the YouTube community and has been seen on many health-related and informative shows talking about the same.

Her weight loss journey? 

  • Her weight loss journey started when Miss Vyas was just 19 and realised she had gained quite a lot of weight, and people started bullying her. 
  • Losing weight was not an easy task then, but with her dedication, Sapna started managing her diet and working out regularly.
  • She stated in her videos that as a healthy child, she faced many medical issues like PCOS, Pcod, and obesity-related issues. 
  • People used to tell Sapna looked like a mother of two children, and from there, the story of this successful entrepreneur, model, and YouTuber started. 
  • This health coach cum fitness model kept her routine simple, which mainly focused on calorie deficit with the goal that Miss vyas could reduce 33 kg in just a year. Isn’t it a miracle! 
  • Sapna Vyas Patel used to take low calories and work more in order to achieve what she is today. 

What is Sapna doing for a living? 

Miss vyas is running a full-fledged YouTube channel, and the genre is mostly about Physical fitness, diet, and lifestyle changes. It has gathered an enormous number of viewers on the platforms.

Brand sponsorship and advertisement are also a great source of income. According to the sources, it is known that many of the appointments and diet plans provided by her to the clients are her primary source of income. 



  • Sapna is a certified trainer of Reebok.
  • Has helped more than 500 people to achieve their fitness goals without charging a penny.
  • MBA graduate
  • PhD holder


After our research, we could not find any such topic related to the Sapna controversies. We just found many comments on the blogs she posted concerning her transportation journey, where audiences called him fake and full of plastic. 


Is Sapna Vyas Patel married?

As per the sources, there is no platform where this celebrity has declared she is married.


Is Jay Narayan Vyas Sapna’s Vyas’s father?


Is Sapna Vyas l a certified coach?



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