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Are you wondering about the September 16 famous birthdays in India? Then do not worry, as we got that covered for you. This article will cover the details of those personalities as well as all those who celebrate their birthday on this day in the month of September, so let us begin.

If you are wondering about the zodiac sign of the people born on this day, do not worry, as we will see that too in this article. The sign for the individuals who are born on this day is believed to be Virgo.


Before we see September 16 famous birthdays in India, let us know their personality. Their sign is Virgo because of the sun that rises on the 23rd degree of Virgo. And the people who celebrate their date of birth are hard-working in nature.

Now let us see who are the famous people who were born on this day, along with other details of those individuals in the table below –

S.NoNameBirth YearOccupation
1.M.S. Subbulakshmi1916Carnatic Singer
2.Prasoon Joshi1971Poet and Screenwriter
3.Lila Poonawalla1944Founder of Lila Poonawalla – NGO, Philanthropist
4.J Radhakrishnan1966Civil Servant
5.RaamLaxman1942Musician and Indian Composer
6.Yashwant Trivedi1934Gujarati poet
7.Gautam Rajadhyaksha1950Photographer

Now let us see some details about these personalities – 

  • M.S. Subbulakshmi – She is well-known in every Indian household because she is a well-known Tamil Nadu singer. She was given the highest civilian award in India, the Bharat Ratna, making her the first person in the music industry to earn this honor. She began working on music at a young age, which brought her several honors.
  • Prasoon Joshi – He is a multifaceted personality who is a writer, lyricist, marketer, poet, etc. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of McCann World Group. His noteworthy include Dhoop Ke Makaan, Bharat, Behka, etc. He even received a Filmfare Award for his spectacular work for lyrics. 
  • Lila Poonawalla – breaking the stereotypical mentality, she is the personality who has not only accomplished many things in her life but has also helped many other girls by giving guidance and scholarship. She is the founder of the NGO that bears her name.
  • J Radhakrishnan – Born in 1966, he works as the Commissioner in Tamil Nadu for the Chennai Corporation. He is known by many as a civil servant who qualified for IAS and was even later appointed as the Collector. He even helped in disaster during the floods in Tamil Nadu in 2004.
  • RaamLaxman -He is also known as Vijay Patil; apart from being a known composer in the Indian industry, he is also a painter, pianist, accordionist, etc. In the Hindi film industry, his work is recognized under the banner of Rajshri Productions. He even won an award for his work as a director.
  • Yashwant Trivedi – Born in 1934, he is a Gujarati essayist, critic, and poet. He is currently 89 years old. His dear friend passed away on the occasion for which he wrote, and after, he frequently visited abroad. He won many awards, including the Best Journalist and Kaka Kalelkar awards.
  • Gautam Rajadhyaksha – He is from Mumbai and is a leading photographer known for capturing some iconic people from the Bollywood industry. Apart from being a photographer in the fashion industry, he is also known for his work in filmography. Shabana Azmi, who is an Indian actress and his friend, was the first person whom he captured.

These are a few September 16 famous birthdays in India. They are from diverse fields and have accomplished many notable things that are known to almost all Indian Citizens. Let us know what kind of personalities the people born on the 16th day in September.

They are known for being charming people who are kind and go out of their way to help others. They are those on whom you can place your trust and are people who have high values. They are also very loyal and filled with intelligence. They also have leadership skills, get their tasks completed on time, and are always focused on their work.


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