Taryn Manning Net Worth | She is a DJ, Hidden Facts?


Are we all looking forward to knowing about Taryn Manning net worth? But many sites, to spice the Hollywood news, fabricate the facts and present them to the Audience, which has no existence in the real world.

But we don’t believe in rumours and try to provide information as it is, and we conduct research by ourselves rather than trusting third-party reporters. 


About Taryn Manning 

  • This actress has achieved immense stardom in a concise span. Her voice and acting have gathered audiences throwing their hearts out on her performances. 
  • Taryn got a remarkable character as “Tiffany” in the Netflix series known as “Orange is the new black” after her immense stardom in both singing and acting. Taryn Manning net worth was a topic to be discussed.
  • Her role was terrific and critically acclaimed by many movie reviewers because of the scene where her character deadshot someone after being called on her fifth abortion. 
  • Manning stunned the Audience with her skills, but even though the series was famous for its storyline, it caught the attention due to the controversy Manning created calling the producer abusive. 
  • Her statement made a huge news and was on the front page of many big news channels. The producer was married and had children. Manning posted a video where she described her relationship with the producer and the traumas faced in that period of relationship, which was later deleted. 
  • Not only the video but also had posted stories deplicating her views on the situation but in an abusive manner. 

Biography of Taryn Manning

Full nameTaryn Gail Manning
DOBNovember 6,1978
Taryn Manning net worth$3 Million
Height1.58 m
Weight53 kg

Relationship status of Taryn Manning

  • His relationship is more in discussion rather than Taryn Manning net worth. Manning has different shades of relationship history, which was gossip among the Audience. Every subsequent week, her relationship would make it to the headlines of Hollywood Buzz. 
  • She was in a relationship with Clifton Collins Jr. from 2002 to 2011, which is one long-term relationship. But did manage to keep it hidden, but paparazzi caught them moving together on the streets hand in hand. 
  • After their engagement, nothing seemed to work out between Manning and Clifton, and then they called off the wedding. 
  • After her work in the series, she allegedly blamed the producer for exploiting her emotionally and took the Audience through the entire relationship journey with the married man.
  • Taryn wrote paragraphs on her traumatized relationship and rough time. In her video Blog in which Manning described humiliation faced by her not only by the person she was in a relationship with but also by her wife. 
  • The reporters have captured her calling the wife of the producers with many defaming names and a lunatic. In an interview, Manning also told the Audience that his partner’s wife restrained her, and nobody rescued her. 

Famous for

The list of her skills is long, and not a single profession is enough to discuss her talent and the stardom she has achieved at a young age. Taryn is a fashion coordinator, songwriter, actor and an electronic duo called Bomkat.

But came into the limelight after her role that was played effortlessly in “Orange is the new black” and the controversies attached to it that we discussed above. 



Engaged to Anne Cline but broke in three months due to the comparability issue. A new name is permanently attached to her name, but the star is confirming nothing. 


Pursued arts in California in a University named Organe County School.


Early life/career

She only wanted to act and sing as a kid because and took arts. She appeared in a teen drama series known as Crazy, Beautiful, released in the year 2001. 

In her next show Hustle and Flow Taryn became a known face.



  1. Apart from Taryn Manning net worth, we should also look at her achievements, which speak about her diversified talent.
  2. She is a Karate champion.
  3. Creator of Bombkat in the years 2003
  4. Showed up in Eminem’s video known as 8 mile
  5. Winner of National dance contest 


Her controversies sparked in the following incidents:

  1. When she came out on the streets wearing just underwear.
  2. The actress caught much attention due to her affair with the married man and the experiences shared by her online. 
  3. Taryn made many statements about Kutuch, where he pranked her on a television show. 

What are Taryn Manning upcoming projects? 

As Taryn Manning’s net worth is always in talk, the actress is never seen on a break. Her upcoming project is “One day as a lion” but the actress has not yet disclosed.


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