Basista Furniture Complaints | 100+ Reviews [2023]


We found several Basista furniture complaints; the review can give customers an insight into the kind of products the brand offers and whether it would be the right choice for their home.

As the name suggests, Basista furniture is known for offering customers good quality furniture that can elevate the interior of their house.


About Basista furniture

To make a choice, it would be essential to know about the Basista furniture complaints and reviews, but more importantly, one should know what the brand promises. The brand sells different kinds of furniture suitable for homes or workplaces. These are not only in coordination with the current trends and styles but also quite budget-friendly 

They have also categorized each item to let users know which one is made specifically for which room. For example, they have a specific category for living room furniture. They also have one category dedicated to classy items. However, the store closed on 19 November 2017.



  • Purpose: Furniture shop
  • Links to different websites are available on the main website.
  • Contact details: +1 216-398-5900
  • Address: 5295 State Road, Parma, OH, United States, Ohio 44134
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • The domain is closed now.
  • For sale sign on the main page 
  • Domain available for sale 
  • Domain sale number: 833-878-5115
  • Shop close date: 19 November 2017
  • Occupied by: Cleveland Furniture 


  • The store offered a variety of best-quality furniture appropriate for both homes and workplaces, contrary to what the Basista furniture complaints suggest.
  • The cost they offered these items was quite affordable for all classes.
  • It offered class and style and saved customers a lot of money.
  • While in business, they offered many alluring offers to their customers, such as spring offers, March mania, and more.
  • They even assured lifetime maintenance which helped customers take their help when required.
  • They sold items that belonged to some of the most well-known brands.
  • It was a family-owned business that had served its customers for more than ninety-seven years. 


  • As many Basista furniture complaints have vividly remarked, the store shutting down was the cause of sadness for many.
  • There have also been complaints on their official social media page regarding the products needing to be more pricey, contrary to what they claim.

Basista furniture complaints and feedback

The furniture company had been in business for almost ninety-seven years. In the meantime, they catered to numerous customers and were even active on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As no customer testimonials are available on the main website, we referred to the digital handles. 

Positive Feedback

There we could find several positive feedbacks which testified to the shop’s authenticity. However, some also expressed discontent with the products, the shop, and how things have transpired. For example, one customer complained that even though he found the items quite alluring, they were too expensive to afford. 


Negative Feedback

But the majority of complaints received regarded the shutting down of the store. For example, one customer worried about the product they had purchased and how it would be further maintained as the store offered lifetime maintenance. Many others loved the products and services and did not want the business to shut down. 

The legitimacy of Basista Furniture?

Considering the reviews and Basista furniture complaints, we concluded that this was an authentic shop in business after thoroughly investigating the brand and company.

  • Firstly, it provided address and contact details for customers to get in touch with them or visit the shop personally.
  • Secondly, they have several customer testimonials to support their claims.
  • Thirdly, they have provided all required proof to show the shop’s quality, trust ability, and responsible nature. Therefore, the Basista furniture store was a legit one. 


People want classy and elegant furniture for their houses or places important to them, and the Basista furniture shop caters to those needs. It has received several appreciations on various authentic platforms. Likewise, there are some Basista furniture complaints which are mainly regarding the shutting down of the store. It had been a customer’s favourite for years until it went out of business.

We hope we have offered you all the details you need. See you in the comments section below. 


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