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Do you want to know Fukra Insaan’s net worth in rupees ? The information roaming around the corner after this celebrity became famous in 2023 seems vague. To ensure everything is accurate, we initiated research online to provide the best for our readers. 

This youth sensation became famous when he entered the most controversial reality TV show. This celebrity started his career as a Youtuber, after which, because of his content that has gathered a lot of viewers, he got a remarkable name in the community. Fukra Insaan’s name is just a YouTube channel. The owner of the channel is Abhishek Malhan. 


Who is Fukra Insaan? 

The hot of the TV channel is Abhishek, who has made a remarkable name in the industry and is now a part of TV shows after his considerable success from the most talked about performance, Big Boss OTT.

After this, Abhishek has been seen on many shows as a guest. He gained all his fame from the YouTube channel, whose content is primarily funny or games. Video and blog genres are different, and the number of viewers is increasing daily. 


At a young age, Fukra insaan net worth will shock you—$ 1.5 million. At the same time, the YouTube channel has got 6 million subscribers. Abhishek is also said to be associated with many NGOs and shows little acts of kindness on his page, which is widely appreciated. 

His fans also call him Indian Beast. He started his career with a blog where he differentiated between a local water bottle and an expensive one, which had gathered a lot of audience in one night. 


He is also highly active on social media, promoting brand and sponsored advertisements. He now lives a luxurious life, which we will discuss in detail in this article. 

Biography of Fukra Insaan 

Real NameAbhishek Malhan
Date of BirthMay 24 1997
Famous forYouTube channel and reality show
Subscribers6 million
Networth$1.5 million
EducationGraduate in Commerce

Early life and YouTube channel 

This celebrity started his career in 2019, and in just one night, he gathered a lot of attention among the viewers. He started it as a hobby, but after getting the recognition, he indulged in making it profitable. 


Fukra Insaan’s rupee net worth is hard to believe at this young age. But it is what it is! Abhishek has three YouTube channels, separately dedicated to shorts live, and one is the main channel. 

All three have 350K subscribers in the shorts channel and a million subscribers in the other two tracks. After this, his brother Nischay also started his career on YouTube as Triggered Insaan. 


About her girlfriend

As these celebrities are on the public platform, many want to sneak a peek into their private life. While we were conducting our research online, we saw many questions that had been googled about Abhishek Malhan’s relationship status. 

This youth sensation has many fans, from which he has made a space in the hearts of females for his appearance and height. For them, we dig more into his private life and get to know he is not married. 


There is no such confirmation about his girlfriend or anything about his dating life. But from the OTT reality show, it was evident something was boiling between them while they were in the front. 

His Big Boss journey

When Abhishek Malhan entered the show, the Youtuber community cheered him up because he was the first Youtuber to join such a big reality show, which is the dream of many. On the first day, he was roasted by judges. 


But apart from that, the journey of Abhishek was commendable. The limelight of the show was taken by two of the YouTubers, Abhishek and Elvis Yadav. His voice was primarily heard in the house, and he used to give his opinion loud and clear. 

In his journey, he was appreciated by many guests and outside viewers, after which he was among the top two finalists. 



When we talk about this Youtuber’s net worth, let’s look at the achievements that he has gathered as a singer, YouTuber, and gamer: 

  • Pari Match Award
  • Gold Trending Award
  • Pari Match Award 


  • The recent controversy was after the Big Boss show, the celebrity comments concerning Elvis Yadav and Asim Riaz. After this, many bloggers started highlighting the incident and made many videos. 
  • He also remarked on Jia Shankar’s skinstone in the Big Boss house.
  • After coming out of the Big Boss house in an interview, Abhishek slammed Salman Khan for his statement in the show. 


Who is the person behind Fukra insaan channel?

Abhishek Malhan 


Is Fukra insaan married?


Who is elder Fukra insaan or Triggered insaan?

Fukra insaan


What is the real age of Fukra Insaan

26 years

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